K is for Karma

I am not Hindu or Buddhist, but I most definitely do believe in karma.  I have seen, many times, how good or bad actions come back to those who perform them…and most of the time it is very rewarding to watch and be a part of.  It’s almost like an out-of-court justice system, right?  Sure, every good deed isn’t rewarded and every bad person doesn’t get her just dessert…. but if I have anything to do about it, it/she is or does! 


You see, recently, an amazing guy friend of mine had the unfortunate pleasure of being completely manipulated by a lying, cheating, bottle-blonde, orange-skinned ho-bag…and now that he has all of his belongings back in his possession I am more than happy to put her on blast and let the whole world know what she has been up to.  You see, I had a good idea of what she was up to when I first heard about her….and when I expressed small concerns she turned it on me and convinced my friend that she was innocent and that I was judging.  Then, much to my pleasure…karma knocked on the door and came right in.  Before too long, not only was the ONE, small thing I had questioned completely proven correct, but then a whole list of other  things started to come out.  I hated to see my friend hurt (don’t worry…he wasn’t hurt too long before he was pissed, which made the whore easy to get over), but I loved being proven right in my warnings. 


I hate to leave you hanging, but I have a girls night planned (to watch The Bachelorette) for this evening and have to get going.  Don’t worry, though….I’ll continue this post tomorrow or Wednesday.


Until then…cheers to karma!


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2 thoughts on “K is for Karma

  1. Paige

    I cant wait to read more. Karma will be a bigger bitch than us combined!

  2. Becks

    Whoop whoop……..enjoy reading your posts my friend!

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