IUI Update

First of all, since so many people are asking, you should know that Momma Ho never responded to anything (even after I sent her a link to my blog and said “Hey Look, you’re famous!”  I’m pretty much positive she just didn’t have anything she COULD say.  Or maybe she’s just super intimidated by me.  Regardless, I’m happy to boot Beth out of my life (oops, did I say her name?) for good (as is Romeo, FYI)…


Now we can move on to more exciting news for sure!  I will be having my first IUI procedure tomorrow.  I have had three ultrasounds in the past week, tracking my follicle growth to see when the best day for insemination is.  Today, Dr. Pappas told me that tomorrow is the day.  I’m not nervous for the procedure at all- catheters don’t scare me.  I’m excited, but I’m really trying not to me.  It’s hard.  I just don’t want to get my hopes up too much..


Tomorrow I will try to post and let you know how everything goes.  I won’t be able to tell if I’m pregnant until around June 20th…


This is a quick post, but wanted to let you know about the IUI in case you wanted to send some special prayers/thoughts/energy/vibes/etc our way!



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2 thoughts on “IUI Update

  1. Hayley Maloney

    Fingers Cross….good thoughts on this!!!

  2. I sincerely hope that it works for you! I know it didn’t for me – but I also know it works for LOTS of people. I hope those sperm are fertilizing that egg and you get that happy face on the pregnancy stick in a few weeks. GOOD LUCK!

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