Follow-up: My IUI experience

Short story -I had my IUI on Friday and it was quick and easy and pretty painless.   Long story starts back on last Thursday when I got my first ultrasound.  I went to the hospital at 8am to have my first ultrasound to see how my far along my follicles were for the month.  You see, once a follicle reaches around 2 centimeters (or 20-24 mm) it releases an egg and you ovulate.  In order for the IUI to have a chance at being successful, it needs to occur on the day of or day before ovulation…..and the best way to know when you are going to ovulate is to check your follicle growth leading up to ovulation.  So I went to Mercy on the 24th for my first ultrasound, expecting the ultrasound tech to put some warm gel on her little ultrasound and feel around my tummy like I’ve seen on tv.  Let’s just say I was a little bit surprised with the tech introduced herself…and then introduced me to ‘the wand.’

  Yup, that’s right….no ultrasound like you see on tv, folks….this one was an INTERNAL ultrasound.  It makes sense, since they were going to check the follicles on my ovaries, but I was surprised.  It wasn’t too painful (a little bit, I won’t lie), but it was definitely not the most fun thing to do on a Thursday morning.  ‘The Wand’ lingered for probably 20 minutes while the tech took different pictures and recordings from each of my ovaries.  At this appointment I had one follicle at around 15 mm and the rest were smaller.  Since I wasn’t very far along, doc told me to come back on Monday to do the procedure again.   On Monday, I had three follicles around 15, which wasn’t great considering the largest from last time hadn’t progressed at all.  Doc said to come back AGAIN on Thursday (last Thursday, the 31st).  This time I got an ultrasound tech who was very talkative…and proceeded to tell me that she was 3 months preggers and had gotten knocked up while on the pill and blah blah blah.  I wanted to strangle her.

Anyway, on Thursday I had one follicle at 18 mm and two around 16-17.  I was bummed because they were progressing so slowly, but the tech told me that Dr. Pappas wanted to see me at the office so I left the hospital and headed right over.   I got there, and the nurse told me that Dr. Pappas wanted me to come in for the IUI the following day.  I was not happy about it….my follicles were progressing so slowly that I knew there was no way I would ovulate on Friday or Saturday…so I figured it’d be a waste of time and money.  I expressed my concerns to the nurse and she said “well if you’re not comfortable with it that’s ok…we can do it next time” or something like that…..and I told her that I wanted to do whatever Dr. Pappas thought, since he’s the expert.  So, she gave me a shot of ovidrill (which is a fertility drug that is suppose to induce ovulation) and told me to come in the next afternoon.

When I woke up on Friday morning, I took my ovulation test, as always.  I wasn’t excited…and was almost a little peeved at myself for not having Dr. Pappas hold off….until I looked at the little test and it was smiling at me!  WHOO HOO!!!  That hormone shot worked, that’s for sure, because there is NO WAY I would have ovulated this early otherwise.  As soon as I saw that smile, I got excited..and anxious….and nervous…and hopeful.  The timing was perfect….

Chris and I showed up at the doctor’s office at 2pm, and they took us to a back room in the sleep-study area so that Chris could provide his ‘donation’ for the IUI.  It was a quiet area…no one else around….a room with a bed/bathroom/etc.  I was surprised, and happy for the comfort I thought it would provide for Chris.  After Chris did his job, the specimen went to the lab and we went to Dillards for some shoe shopping.  An hour later we came back to the doctors office and checked-in.  Chris stayed for the procedure, even though I told him he didn’t have to/need to.

The IUI was super quick, and almost painless.  Pretty much it was very similar to a Pap Smear (speculum insert, then catheter funneled through to make the ‘deposit’ where it needs to be), except they don’t use any lubrication so that the lubrication doesn’t interfere with the sperm at all.  That was why the procedure was ‘almost’ painless and not just painless.  The whole thing took about 2-3 minutes, then I was layed back with my hips up on their table for 30 minutes after.  We were told to ‘concentrate relations’ the next morning and evening and whenever we wanted afterwards….

So that is that!  It wasn’t that bad….and I am very hopeful that this time will be THE TIME.  I’ll be honest, I have really tried NOT to get super hopeful anymore, because it has always ended with heartbreak and me trying to hide my sorrow…but this time I can’t help it.  Just knowing that the timing is right…and knowing that the ‘work’ the sperm/egg has to do has been decreased due to the IUI….and a few other things have all made me really excited this time.  I asked the doctor a couple of questions pertaining to ‘what if this doesn’t work this month’, such as what drug I can take instead of Clomid since this cycle was my 4th cycle and I have to take a break off of it…and he said “let’s just deal with that when we have to….but I think this month is it.”  I hope so.

Side note- the trigger shot (Ovildrill) made me freakin’ crazy and I’ve been having hot flashes for the past two days.  I’m cried out.  I’m tired.  On Friday, I was so irritable that I had to end a work phone call before I told my IT lady that she could go fuck herself.  Seriously…I don’t like that stuff!!!!   Fingers crossed.  I’ll know around the 15th…

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4 thoughts on “Follow-up: My IUI experience

  1. Rob Clements

    Praying hard for you guys!

  2. my favorite part is the smiley face on the pee test thingy…

  3. Heather

    Positive thoughts and prayers for you!

  4. I am so glad that it went well and I’m sorry that it took me so long to post a comment! Since the blog is private, it doesn’t update on my sidebar so I have to come online and check manually. I don’t get to come online (on my computer) quite as much as I would like to… Anywho – I have never heard of that shot. Interesting! I am glad that it worked. The Clomid gave me hot flashes. Party! Good luck and I hope that you see another happy face in about a week!

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