L is for L O V E

This past weekend, Chris and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary.  It seems surreal that it’s already been that long…feels like yesterday that I first met Chris at the U of A. 

Flashback Time!!!

The spring of 2001 I applied to be a Residential Mentor for the Upward Bound program at the U of A.  I was hired on the phone for the job, so as soon as I got into town for the summer I had to stop by the UB offices on campus to turn in all of my paperwork.  I stopped by one afternoon, and much to my surprise my new boss was super hot!  That’s right, it was Chris.  =)  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him all week during training….and I’m not very smooth like that, so he totally noticed lol.  By the end of the week, I was quite smitten and ended up putting the moves on him (I had to make the first move since he was my boss, you know).  We got hot and heavy pretty fast, considering we were pretty much spending all day and night around each other.  The summer program we worked for required us to live on campus, so we were totally inseparable.  It was during a trip to Dallas for work this summer that Chris first told me he loved me.  A pic from that night:

I’ll admit- the “I love you” freaked me out a little bit.  It was so soon!  We had an amazing summer, but at the end of the summer I decided to break things off.  I had to go back to school, which was like 2 hours away, and I didn’t want to mess with a long-distance relationship.  Or maybe I didn’t want to pressure of something that intense…I don’t really know.  Looking back, I’m sad I hurt Chris, but I’m happy he let me go so that I could learn things on my own. 

Fast-forward a year, and I’m back on campus doing the same job….and low and behold Chris is my boss again.  We quickly picked things up where we had left off…it was another amazing summer in so many ways.  Then…like the dumbass I am…summer ended and I once again broke things off with Chris.  I know I know….guilty.  I was young…I was confused…I was scared.. whatever.  We stayed, but we also both started seeing other people after this. 

Fast-forward another year, and I’m back on campus (had just graduated with my BA) and have Chris’s old job and he’s been promoted to central staff for the same program.  I had a serious boyfriend..and he had a serious girlfriend.  We worked together for about two weeks…and as much as I loved my boyfriend at the time, just being around Chris made me realize what an idiot I was….made me realize that something was missing from my current relationship…made me realize that the spark I had with him was different than anyone else.  Overall, it made me realize the mistake I had made in letting him go.  My car had broken down one day, and Chris picked me up and we were driving somewhere (can’t remember where)….and I just kept wanting to grab his hand…to tell him how I was feeling…and somehow one of us came out with “this is hard…being around you” and that was that.  We talked…I think we cried…and we vowed to end it with our current bf/gf and give ourselves a real shot.  We both were hurt throughout that process….having to breakup with people who were good people…who didn’t do anything wrong…who wouldn’t understand…but we came out ok on the other side and we’ve been together ever since.  This was 2003.

We moved in together in 2004 in Fayetteville.  In 2005, Chris proposed.  We were in Gulf Shores with a group of 6 other couples, and Chris and I had gotten up at sunrise to go look for shells.  It was a little chilly, but it was clear and beautiful outside.  There were shells EVERYWHERE, and Chris kept handing me really good ones, saying “look at this” or “this one is a keeper” or whatever.  After walking down the beach some, Chris says “look at this one,” and there is  beautiful, large shell in his hand.  I picked it up, and a diamond ring was underneath it.  =)  He immediately got down on one knee…and we both choked-up.  I won’t embarrass him too much and say everything he said, but it was perfect…and I, of course, said yes.  =)  Here is a pic (not great) from that day:

A few months later we had engagement pics done (here are a few):

And then on June 3rd, 2006, we got married.  We got married in Russellville, where Chris is from.  The reason we got married there was his church- it’s the same church that his parents and all of his siblings got married in.  It was a simple, quick ceremony.

**The quality of these photos kinda sucks, because I took photos of framed photos and didn’t take the time to find the actual originals.  Also, even though they are saved the ‘right way,’ they keep uploading sideways and I can’t fix it!  ARGH!!!!

Anyway….11 years after the first “I love you,” and I’m more in love with Chris than ever.  I’m blessed beyond belief…so yes, L is for LOVE. 

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6 thoughts on “L is for L O V E

  1. paige

    I can not believe it has been 6 years already…and yet it also seems like forever. I am so glad you came into one of my guy best friend’s life. It was hard for him after summers with you. I was always gone in the summer so when I would come back to Fayetteville, you would be gone and I hurt for him. Your wedding was simple and perfect! I remember leaning over to Ho and saying how good it felt to finally be at a wedding that made sense. That the people getting married were meant for each other! Congrats and Happy anniversary!

  2. Robin

    Beautifully written! Im so glad you and Chris found each other. As for breaking up and being on-off, everything happens for a reason. Far better for a relationship to be a little rough on the front side. You both learned that you WANTED to be together. I love you like a sister Jen! We all do!

  3. How cute are y’all! Thanks for the story – it was nice to read!!!

  4. Hallie Bell

    I just got a little teary-eyed!

  5. Heather

    Just catching up. Thanks for sharing how you met and fell in love, and congratulations on your anniversary!

  6. awww. you made me cry!!! y’all are so sweet!!!
    we got married the same day! 🙂

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