The Journey Thus Far…

November 2010- Stopped taking the pill and hoped my body would figure things out quickly

March 2011- Finally had a period

April 2011- Started tracking cycles/ovulation since both were rare

November 2011– Started getting concerned and had first appt to discuss

December 2011- First round of tests for me.  Ended up on Metformin

February 2012- Since still only ovulating every 45 (average) days, started 50 mg of Clomid this month

March- 2012- Another BFN, but first one since Clomid.  Doubled Clomid to 100 mg this month.  DH tested and his swimmers are ‘amazing’

April 2012- BFN Discovered not producing enough progesterone, so now on progesterone and metformin….and another cycle of 100 mg Clomid

May 2012- BFN.  Last cycle of Clomid and IUI #1.  Total meds- metformin, progesterone, Clomid, trigger shots when needed, and a steroid

June 2012- BFN.  Told to get off of all meds except for metformin for now and to go back to doc mid-August.  If not pregnant at that point, will try letrozole instead of Clomid.  Was also asked to look into insurance coverage of IVF

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One thought on “The Journey Thus Far…

  1. Heather

    I don’t have any words of wisdom, but I’m thinking of you. ❤

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