Baby-Makin’ Update

I have been a BAD BLOGGER!  I am so sorry- things have been nuts.  I’ll go more into that later, but for now I have had several people reach out to me asking about the baby makin’ and I owe them some answers!

June 2012- BFN.  Told to get off of all meds (except pnv) and go back to doc mid-August. Was also asked to look into insurance coverage of IVF

July 2012– BFN.

August 2012– BFN.  Went back to doctor on the 15th, and we are starting back on the medications, with a couple of changes.  I’m now taking the PNV and Metformin daily…and the steroid every other day before bed.  Starting with my next period, I will start femura, which is a drug similar to clomid in that it should cause me to ovulate.  If we get a BFN in September, we will do the same drugs and couple it with IUI #2.

Speaking of IUI…my insurance sucks. So far I’ve received 3 bills from the last IUI and they total $1k so far. Hopefully they stop soon.  Then again….if another IUI or two would WORK, that’d be MUCH cheaper than the $15-$18k that each round of IVF costs since my insurance covers nada.  Frustrating.

That’s really all I have for now on this subject. It’s sad.  It’s frustrating.  One day I have resolve….the next day I’m furious.

In other news, I have a dear friend who sadly miscarried her little girl a couple of weeks ago.  I have no words to comfort her because I can’t imagine the pain and suffering she is going through and I cry every single time I think about it.  Please send your love to Baby B and her momma…

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3 thoughts on “Baby-Makin’ Update

  1. I am sorry for all of your stupid BFNs and for the insurance bills. All of our IUIs were pretty much out of pocket and it sucked!!!

    And I am especially sorry for your friend. I can’t imagine.

  2. I am glad you are blogging again, but hate the BFNs and the expense. And I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. ❤

  3. Gah! I get so frustrated at all of this for you.

    My thoughts are with your friend and her sweet baby.

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