M is for M I C K E Y

I am the youngest of 5 kids….2 boys and 3 girls.  Out of all of those kids, my oldest sister, Suzanne (Mickey,) is my favorite.  Yes, I have a favorite.  That might not be nice of me, but the reality is that we are the closest and I don’t know what I’d do without her.  A few of my favorite things about Mickey D:

  1. She is..hands down….the best mom I have ever seen.  She is the opposite of selfish.  She puts all three of her kids above herself in all aspects, and she doesn’t think twice about it.  She has three children, yet she is completely fair and just.  If she promises them something, she keeps that promise.  If she messes up, she admits it.  I have learned so much from  her already, and I know she’ll help me out tremendously whenever the time comes.  She’ll be the best aunt ever as well!
  2. She is beautiful and has NO idea.  She got my dad’s skin tone (I hate you) and dark complexion.  She got the big brown eyes.  She got a small frame.  Heck, the only thing she DIDN’T get was my rack lol.
  3. She’s a hard worker, no matter what she does.
  4. She can always put a smile on her face, even if she wants to scratch your eyes out.  Then again, I don’t know if that thought would ever cross her mind because she’s so damn sweet…you get the point
  5. She’s always looked out for me and been there for me.  And she’s never lied to me.
  6. She doesn’t know this blog exists…but if she did, I know she’d be totally embarrassed by my language in half of the posts and about the sweet things I said about her

I love you Mick!

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2 thoughts on “M is for M I C K E Y

  1. She sounds like a GREAT sister 🙂 and #6 gave me a little chuckle. She is beautiful, and so are you, Jen.

  2. Both of you are awesome!

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