N is for New York…

…or, more specifically, The Real  Housewives of New York.  Yes, I watch this show.  Actually, I’d be willing to admit that I watch about 92% of all shows on the Bravo network.  Most of it is trash, but it is entertaining and I can completely ‘check out’ and laugh and enjoy it.  I’d say my favorite shows are Flipping Out and the OC Housewives.  Anyway, back to RHONY-

This season isn’t my favorite…but it IS a train wreck and I have a hard time not watching the rest unfold to see who ends up surviving and who gets booted off.  Here is my opinion on each housewife:

  • Ramona– this woman is bat-shit crazy.  I have ZERO doubt that she is on some sort of medication and constantly mixes that with her cheap-ass, self-branded pinot grigio.  She prides herself on her brutal honesty, yet she’s constantly back-stabbing, flip-flopping and just being ridiculous.  Sometimes I think she has tourettes, but then I realize that she’s just willing to do or say whatever she can to get attention.  She is, by far, my least favorite housewife.
  • Sonja–  I would say that Sonja is THE definition of a cougar.  She dresses and acts like she’s much younger than she is, and although I find it hilarious most of the time, the other part of the time I realize it’s just a little sad.  Overall, I’d say that Sonja wants everyone to be happy and have fun and is genuinely a nice person and good friend.
  • LuAnne- although she can be a little haughty and condescending, I really like LuAnne.  She’s funny…confident…has great style…and I love seeing how she interacts with her boyfriend and kids.  She’s kind-of a know-it-all, and I know that has to annoy the other ladies, but she IS usually right.  The only thing that bothers me about LuAnne is her constant name-dropping and one-upping.  Who cares who you know….who cares how much money you have/make…who cares where you have traveled to….just be yourself.
  • Aviva– she is new this season and honestly I’m just bored with her.  Yes, we know you have one leg.  Yes, we know you are anxious/paranoid about EVERYTHING.  It’s not entertaining….it’s boring.  The only entertaining thing about her so far is the pot-stirring that she does, but even that is just creating interesting situations and not actually HER being entertaining.
  • Carole–  I would say that Carole is probably THE definition of cool.  She’s beautiful (for being an older, way too skinny lady)…she’s very intelligent…she is REALLY good at being around drama and not getting pulled into it…and she seems very fair.  I think she’s funny, too, which I have found with most of the housewives is rare.  I like Carole about the same as LuAnne…and Carole is new this season.
  • Heather-  Heather is new this season as well, and I would say that she is, for me, is the most relatable person on the show.  Of course I don’t own my own business or get to travel like she does or have multiple kids or anything….but she is a strong, sassy businesswoman and I respect that.  I feel like the poor girl is always having to explain herself for no reason and I kinda feel for her on that one.  I think she rocks.

So that is that.  I prefer the RH of the OC and NJ over this one, but NY is what is on currently.

I think I’ll watch Flipping Out now that I’m home!  YAY!

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One thought on “N is for New York…

  1. I don’t have cable. I think I’ve watched (at my sister’s) a grand total of one episode of any Housewife series, but I don’t even know which one it was. 🙂

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