I got tagged

So in the blog world, you can get tagged by bloggers for different things…such as contests/awards/things to do/etc.  I’m just learning about this, and since I tend to be pretty busy most of the time I don’t really participate in much.  Last week, however, my old (as in how long I’ve known her, not how old she is) friend April tagged me in her post to answer the following questions:

1.  Tell me something quirky about you- I have this weird double-jointed thingy going on with my toes.  When I bend my big toe down, my middle toe goes down too…automatically.  And I also have some weird OCD things that I do…such as counting cars/train cars as they go by…blinking or winking only at every other one whenever I feel like it.  I know, totally odd.

2.  What would be your ideal concert- This one is REALLY hard for me!  As you may know, I’ve been to hundreds and hundreds and shows….and I loved each and every one of them in their own way.  Here are three off of the top of my head- a) Sublime.  Sublime was one of my first loves, and I never got to see them perform.  b) Grateful Dead.  Another one of my all-time loves, and another one that I missed the touring days of.  c) I’d love to see Trey Anastasio (from Phish) and Dave Matthews perform for me and 50 of my closest friends in the middle of fall at an outside venue.  And I get to dance on stage.  =)

3.  If you could live anywhere for a year, where would you live and what makes that place so special?  I think I’d pick Spain.  One, because I could pick up the language pretty quickly and manage to get around.  Two, because it’s beautiful.  And three- the food!

4. What’s your guilty pleasure?  Again, I have several!  My worst is probably manis/pedis.  I usually do not go more than two weeks without getting one or the other.  =)

5. If you HAD to be a doctor, what type of doctor would you be and why?  I find this one very difficult, because no matter how much joy you can get from being a doctor, you are also going to have to deal with loss regularly…and I don’t think I could do that.  So…I’m going to think outside the box…and say that I’d be a LAW doctor….Dr. Hottinger.  I love justice/equality and think the only thing I could study long enough to get a doctorate would be law.

6. If you could be a star in any movie, what movie and who would you be?  My first thought is to be Bella in the Twilight movies, simply because I’d be REALLY freaking rich…and I think I could do a lot better job of acting than Kristen Stewart does.  Plus, I eventually would get to be a bad-ass and have a baby.  So I’m in.

7. What’s your favorite restaurant & what would you recommend there?  Pesto Cafe in Fayetteville is my favorite!  It doesn’t have my favorite food ever, but I just love it there.  I like Freaky Steve’s veggie pizza or the chicken fettuccine.  Yum.

8. What’s your favorite holiday and why?  Christmas.  I LOVE giving gifts and get excited to see someone’s joy of opening what I got them.

9. What’s your ideal weekend.  Let’s see….go home Friday and have my husband cook for me.  Friends would come over to play cards/have drinks/dance.  Saturday….sleep in and have a late brunch, then hit the pool or a matinee and go out for dinner/drinks before a live show.  Sunday- sleep in again, then stay home all day in my pjs watching movies and lounging around.  Delivery sushi (if it existed) for dinner.  =)

10. What’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up?  Sewing.

11.  What’s your favorite store to shop at? (either in store or online).  I LOVE Anthropologie.

That was harder than I thought it would be!  Fun!!!  Go check out my friend April at http://thejechs.blogspot.com/  She’s a new mommy (geez I feel old…I use to babysit April!!!), but she still makes time to blog and it’s always entertaining.  I know that when I do have a child I’m going to learn a lot from her!

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6 thoughts on “I got tagged

  1. April

    Oh yay! I love that you did this!
    I can’t wait for you to be a mommie too!
    With love, your old friend 🙂
    That warms my heart!

  2. Dave Matthews and Trey Anastasio? I’d totally go see that show. Both are amazing musicians, and Dave is kinda hot. Yep, I said it…

  3. I love reading these little things about you.

  4. Cute stuff Jen! You need to blog more. I like reading about what you like and you!!!

    Plus, I am exceptionnaly bored right now at home with the kids!

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