Big Brother 14- And the winner is…

SPOILER ALERT!!!  If you watch this show and have not caught up to last night’s finale, you should not read any futher.  Seriously. Stop now.  Otherwise, you only have yourself to blame for figuring out who the winner is before actually watching it pan-out.

Ok, now that I’ve said that…I have to say that I am kinda disappointed with the outcome this season.  I don’t even know how to arrange my thoughts here, so I’m going to give you some good-ole’ bullet points:

  1. I was excited to see that four people were being brought into the game to ‘coach’ the new players.  And I was happy at the people who were chosen, because they are always entertaining and most of them had excellent game play in their previous competitions.  Britany is the funniest of them all…she says what I’m thinking often throughout the season
  2. I thought it was pretty obvious that the coaches would eventually become game players, and I’m glad they did.  I didn’t like the coaching concept
  3. Frank was my favorite right out of the gate- he was funny, charming and just a good guy overall.  I feel sorry for him, really- he was targeted from the first week and never really got a break.  He fought every single week and really deserved to go further if you ask me.  I’m very happy he got the ‘favorite houseguest’ prize at the end of the day
  4. As soon as Frank was eliminated, I decided I wanted Dan to win.  He deserved it….he made big moves…he was very cunning….he did what he had to do each week to survive, and it worked.  He didn’t play a very ‘likeable’ game when it came to people in the house (meaning he back stabbed and hurt feelings and lied and broke promises), but to me he played the game harder than anyone else.  Hell, the guy was a returning WINNER of the game and he still got 2nd place and $50k…that’s huge!  The new peeps should have thrown him out early on if they were smart!
  5. Ian was the winner…and althougth I’m glad he won over Danielle, I’m still disappointed that he won over Dan.  He just didn’t work as hard…and he’s so damn weird!

Any my last point- Janelle has a REALLY weird nose.  I had never noticed it until Chris pointed it out, then it was all I could look at each time she was on-screen.  Otherwise I think she’d be cute!


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3 thoughts on “Big Brother 14- And the winner is…

  1. Andrelea Foerster

    Hey chick! I always read your blogs but never have time to reply to them. I will just say PROPS to you on the jaw surgery. I read that and instantly my jaw dropped to the floor! It looks amazing though! I’m happy to see your beautiful smile again!!!! Having straight teeth really does wonders for your self esteem! I’ve seen Ashley do a complete 180 since she had hers fixed! I’m super happy for you!

    On the baby making note, how are your new meds going? Any takers?! Lol

  2. Heather

    Ha! Janelle’s nose is odd. Aaron and I both agree. I pretty much agree with all of your points here. Dan deserved the win. Like you said, he already won but was able to control the actions of most everyone in the house over and over again. I liked Ian at first, but once he turned on Boogie I kind of turned on him. I liked Ian, but I didn’t like how he just totally left Boogie and Frank in the dust. Sigh. And I’m glad Frank won the favorite houseguest prize, also. But man, Dan should have won!!! 🙂

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