P is for Parenthood

What up, P?!?

When I say P is for Parenthood, I’m not talking about what it’s like to be a parent and yadda yadda yadda…like I would know….I’m talking about the tv show Parenthood.  It’s one of my absolute favorite shows!  The overall show has to deal with this one family- the Braverman family.  The ‘founders’ of this family appear to be in their mid 60s to early 70s and they have four kids.  One of these kids is the reason I started watching the show to begin with:

This is Peter Krause, who played Nathan on the best show ever made – Six Feet Under.  I’ve loved him for at least 8 years now…I started watching the show for him.  His character’s name on the show is Adam, and he has a wife and three kids, one of which has aspergers and it’s very interesting to me to see that portrayed on the show). His real-life love is:

Lauren Graham, who plays his sister Sarah on the show.  Weird, right?  Kinda like on Dexter?  Anyway, I find it cool.  Here is pic of the whole gang (you will recognize a few of them for sure):

Long story short, this is very good tv show and I highly recommend it.  Warning, though….it could be my hormones, but I cry at some point during almost EVERY episode!  Very moving.

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3 thoughts on “P is for Parenthood

  1. We started watching Parenthood when it first came out and then quit because we are very bad at keeping up with shows. 🙂 It’s on my netflix queue to start watching after I finish Dawson’s Creek, which is my current guilty pleasure. I’ve never seen it before.

  2. April

    I saw P is for Parenthood and got SUPER excited.
    You big tease!!
    Did you know “Debra and Dexter” got a divorce? Bummer stuff. Apparently they are still cool though.
    Oh oh and “Sookie and Bill” are married and she Just had twins!
    (alright that is the extent to my celebrity gossip… Which is really not gossip since its like facts and stuff ha)
    Stfu April

    PS going to start parenthood now! TY!

  3. Heather

    I watched the first couple episodes when it first aired and then lost track of it because of other shows that were on at that time. It’s on my list to watch, though!!

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