Yet another baby-makin’ update

Well, I don’t really have much of an update.  I should start titling these updates the “What we are doing/spending money on to NOT have a baby” or something.  Blah.  A few bullet-points on the last month or so:

  • Started the new fertility drugs 2nd week of September when we found out, yet again, that we were not pregnant and Aunt Flow decided to visit.  I didn’t start my period until almost 3 full weeks after ovulation, so looks like we may have fertilized again but it didn’t implant correctly
  • New drugs weren’t too bad compared to Clomid.  I had fewer hot flashes, but I did get pretty emotional for a few days
  • Had a follow-up with Dr P on the 26th.  He agreed that we had probably fertilized last cycle as well and told me to start the progesterone again this month after I have a +OPT
  • Dr P is recommending another IUI if we don’t get pregnant this cycle.  That would be an IUI sometime in Oct or early Nov most likely
  • At this point, I am on day 22 of my cycle and still haven’t ovulated.  This is surprising since I’m medicated to ovulate, but maybe this month will just be a little slower (like I was my first round of Clomid I guess)
  • Ideally, I’ll test positive in the next few days…after which I will start the progesterone and then wait the long two weeks to see what happens
  • That’s all I got

During my emotional days in mid-September, the below picture started going around Facebook.  I have no idea who it is or anything, I just know it made me lose it because it’s so damn cute.

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4 thoughts on “Yet another baby-makin’ update

  1. Heather

    That is a sweet picture – I am amazed that the baby is smiling right after birth!

  2. Heather

    Also, I have no idea what emotions you are going through, and have gone through, these past couple of years trying to conceive, but my heart goes out to you and I appreciate you sharing this journey. ❤

  3. Forget the smiling baby, who looks that good after a c-section?!! I’ve had four and I promise you I wasn’t that perky and pretty. I was a swollen, big nosed, smiling mess with no eyes.

  4. I saw that smiling baby picture on Facebook too. It is pretty darn adorable, but I can imagine it didn’t necessarily make you smile. Good luck with this round. I REALLY hope it works out for y’all!

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