Busy Bee

Geez….life gets busy, doesn’t it?  I’ve really been feeling like I have just been on the go for weeks and weeks on end, and I guess I have been.  Between working, traveling for work, trying to get in 3-4 workouts a week, football games and necessary errands (such as grocery shopping), I don’t seem to have much free time.  Part of the issue is me- when I have a free weekend, I try to see 2-3 people that I don’t get to see very often…and what should have been a relaxing weekend turns into yet another weekend of running around!  You know how it is…

I HAVE gotten to do some fun things lately:


1.  My BFF, Hayley, had a b-day in September, so I took her to Dallas for the weekend.  We stayed at my other BFF’s house for the weekend, and we went out on the town both nights.  Friday night was spent pub crawling (and bull riding) and enjoying the Uptown scene.  Hayley was hilariously entertaining.  Saturday we did a little shopping and some recovering before we went down to the hipster part of town.  =)  There were several bands playing across three different stages…we were mainly there for Cold War Kids.  Some of Rebecca’s friends met us there and we had an AMAZING time!  Nothing like a live concert, followed by a lengthy dance party!  Fun night for sure!


2.  I spent a week in TX for work, but I did manage to spent a couple days with my G-pa on the way back home.  He’s not doing too well, so it was good to just have some QT with him


I have another work trip planned for next week- I’m flying into Tampa and will be in that area for 6 days.  My boss put me up a a SWEET Hilton hotel on the ocean in Clearwater Beach, so I’m excited to get some sun and some relaxation in between work.  I wish Chris (or one of my girlfriends) was coming with me, though!


I’m totally bummed about Halloween this year.  As you may know, Chris and I always throw a Halloween Party. This year, however, my FL trip has me away the weekend before Halloween, so we can’t do it this year.  =(


So I ovulated on October 4th, but I haven’t tested yet.  Today is exactly 2 weeks since ovulation, so I could probably test today….but I don’t feel pregnant.  I feel the same.  I’m avoiding testing for some reason…..my mind is being dumb, thinking “Well if I don’t test I can’t get a negative, which means there is hope.”  I should just get it over with, I know.  Maybe tomorrow.


Poor Chris is sick this week.  =(  We haven’t really gotten to spend much time together, as I avoid the sick like the plague!  I’ve been getting home late (due to working out after work/getting groceries/etc), so by the time I’ve showered/changed/cooked/cleaned-up/etc it’s after 10.  I can’t lay on him and cuddle up since he’s sick, so I go in my room and watch my DVR’d trashy (fabulous) shows and then go to bed.  I feel like I haven’t really SEEN him much this week, ya know?  Hopefully he’ll be better VERY soon.


This weekend IS GOING TO BE RELAXING!  I had plans, but I bailed on them so that I didn’t have to go out of town again (since I just got back and am leaving again next week).  I felt bad, but I NEED this time.  I’m going to do a girl’s night Friday night with some good gals (can’t wait)….then I’m going to sleep half of the day on Saturday (and do some laundry).  Saturday we have a b-day party to attend, but that’s it…should be fun!  Sunday is another lazy day….I might go to the 2pm yoga…I might go to the movies….I might nap off and on all day….who knows.  I’m excited.


I’m sure I’ll blog more next week since I’ll be traveling and hanging out solo….until then, xoxo!

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