Next Steps

I have had a few people reach out to me wanting to know what our next steps are this time, so thought I’d put a quick post together:


  • I start back on the Letrozole (similar to Clomid) tomorrow and will take that for 5 days.  Fortunately for Chris, I am going to be out of town the entire time I’m on the Letrozole this month, so if I”m overly emotional again….or need the air set on 65…or whatever, he won’t be too affected.  =)
  • We are doing another IUI this cycle (you know, the turkey-baster method), so I will have my first ultrasound on Friday, November 2nd
  • If it’s like last time, I’ll have to do 3-4 ultrasounds (probably one the next Monday or Tuesday and then a couple of days later if I had to guess) to track my follicle growth and try to predict out if/when I’m going to ovulate
  • Once it’s determined that I’ve got a few eggs ‘ready’ to fertilize (probably around Nov 9th/12th), I’ll get a trigger shot to make my egg drop and we will do the IUI
  • After that, I’ll take it easy and be in the lovely 2ww (Two Week Wait) to see if we got pregnant or not


Hopefully this IUI will work- I’ve read about IUIs a lot, and your chances of one working go up significantly for every THREE that you have, so I’m willing to do three of them…but not sure if any more than that.  I’m hoping the second one will be the one that works!


Fingers crossed….I’ll keep ya posted.



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4 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. I too hope it works. We never did the increased ultrasounds or trigger shot. I just tracked it with ovulation predictor tests and when the time was right then we did the IUI. It’s interesting to see how things have changed. We did 5 IUIs. Fun times. Hopefully you won’t have to do as many or you will just get pregnant. It’s a frustrating process. Why can’t it just be easy and why can’t we just do something to ensure it working. Stupid fertility!

  2. How long have you been trying to get pregnant? I know it’s an emotional time now for you. I went through the same thing before having Charlie and have experienced several miscarriages, so I feel your heartache 😦

  3. April

    I’ll be praying for you all.

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