Prove you’re not a robot….

I try to keep up with several blogs (I’m not very good at it, and I rarely comment because the ‘prove your not a robot’ words you have to enter to post a comment are so damn hard to read and annoy the shit out of me), and one thing I have noticed is that about 80% of the bloggers seem to have perfect lives.  Same thing could be said with Facebook as well, I suppose.  Notice my words- SEEM to have perfect lives.  Have you ever noticed that?  Like you are talking to a friend and they are complaining about their terrible day and how awful their kids are being and how their husband is no help….and then BAM!  Two minutes later you are reading about how blessed they are and how their angels make them smile every moment of every day and they have the best husband in the world and blah blah blah rainbows and unicorns.  It drives me nuts (obviously).  I am not good at pretending (obviously).  Most of the time Sometimes I want to comment and be really nasty and say something like “Really?  You are having the best day EVER?  Because you JUST told me that your child took a dump in the middle of your bed and that you are not in love with your spouse anymore.”  But I don’t.  I’ve come close, though… close enough that I type something ugly in the comment section and then delete it.  That close.  Dangerous, I know.  I don’t really CARE what people’s just annoying when I know the truth I guess.

A few other things that are annoying me today:

  • The fact that I was out of town all last week and will be paying for it at work for at least a week and a half
  • The fact that I didn’t get to dress up for Halloween this year and don’t have a kid to take trick-or-treating
  • People who constantly screen calls…..and then don’t call back, even when they are apparently not too busy to buy shit online or troll Facebook
  • The fact that I was in FL for a week and didn’t get any sun on my pasty-ass skin because I was working on the sunny days and off on the overcast days
  • The fact that I was too busy at work yesterday to go vote…and then it happened again today….and tomorrow is looking bleak
  • My schedule for the next two months- can you say booked?
  • Generally having to always be the peacemaker.  You are probably laughing right now, knowing that I tend to speak before I think sometimes and have no issue calling out anyone on their bullshit…. but the fact is that I don’t like people who I really care about mad at me for any reason and will do whatever I can to make it up…even if it’s not my fault.  I’ll use Chris as an example… we don’t fight much (we use to, but nowadays we really don’t….maybe 2-3 fights a year?), but when we do I am ALWAYS the first to apologize and sit down and ask what can I do to make it better.  Even when it’s not my fault.  Even when I don’t believe I did a single thing wrong. Seriously.  BUT…I get tired of it
  • People who don’t listen to my advice when they ask for it.  I admit…I am very opinionated and will always have a viewpoint…..but over the past couple of years I have tried my hardest to keep my opinions to myself with my friends unless they ask for it….or I think something bad is going to happen.  One example that is currently bumming me out is my friend “Rhonda.”  Rhonda has been through some shit…Rhonda has seen her personality, anxiety, stress level, addictions, etc all be affected in the past few years.  I have seen very good things come from therapy…and knowing details about Rhonda’s situations has led me to recommend therapy to her….and she promised me she’d try it.  She even told me to ‘stay on her’ about it…which I have tried to.  I felt good when an appointment was set, but then Rhonda ended up ‘sick’ on the day of.  Then, the 2nd appointment got moved out on her (by the doc, not her she said) for a month later.  Months come and go, no appointment has been made.  It’s always one thing or another.  I want to tell Rhonda to stick it out, but I get tired of excuses and feeling like I’m pressuring someone to help herself.  Maybe she’s feeling better today and thinks there is no need….but there is…and deep down she knows it.
  • 11am football games, especially home ones
  • The annoyingly large number of people on Facebook who post pics of their UGLY kids.  Yes, some babies…toddlers…tweens…etc are ugly, and I know you have all thought it.  I don’t mind looking at the cute kids, but the ugly ones just annoy me and make me feel sorry for you.  Then, if I don’t ‘like’ the picture, I feel guilty…but I still don’t do it.  I realize that ugly babies often make beautiful adults, so don’t feel bad if you have an ugly kid.  =)  I was a super-ugly baby, and look at me now!  LOL

Wow, that list really got me in a better mood!  Score!  What annoys you?

Yes, I just googled ‘ugly baby pic’

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6 thoughts on “Prove you’re not a robot….

  1. I’m annoyed by drivers who keep letting other cars in front of them when I’m further back in the line.
    I’m very annoyed by morning football and hockey games that result in my solo parenting for chunks of what would otherwise be prime family time.

  2. Sara

    hee hee 🙂 I am so behind you on people who ask for advice and don’t take it…. even though I know I am terrible at listening to people’s advice. I might ramble here…. I tend to ask for advice because I want to hear other opinions and then weigh that against if I think theirs is better than mine or at least presents something I hadn’t thought of. But your example, that’s difficult. What I have tried hard to learn, though, is that you can’t take on other people’s problems. Easier said than done, but I’ve found that when I’m stressed out it’s usually because of other people. No need for that….

    OMG, 11am and 6pm home games are rough. It’s a 12 hour day for an A&M game with the 3 hour drive to/from.

  3. You think my kids are ugly, don’t you.

  4. April

    I hate with a passion Capetchas. They are SO friggin annoying! I had that Shiz removed from my blog.
    AND I love that you don’t have it either! That’s why I comment more on your blog.

    Also- Rhonda needs to get her shit together. (That made me giggle) 🙂

  5. And I laughed so hard at the baby pic and the thing about ugly babies, but it is true and like you said, a lot of time those babies turn into beautiful/handsome people. I am guilty of this, but I think my kids are adorable, cute, and handsome and I love every little bit of them. But I don’t let the amount of likes define how cute my kids are – they are the most gorgeous things Aaron and I have ever created!

    Aaron and I don’t fight that often anymore either (hey, it’s hard starting out – I don’t believe others that claim they never fight), but I feel like you – that I apologize first, even if I feel I am at no fault whatsoever. Aaron’s theory is that loving you means never having to say you’re sorry. Whatever. I love him, he loves me. We have been through a lot of stress through our entire marriage with both of his parents’ illnesses, and have come out stronger. He is my best friend, and I know he has my back. I suddenly feel like I am in an episode of Up All Night, but he’s “my person” and I know that we have those things that we can always share with one another that we will always appreciate. I don’t even know why I went all into this. hehe. But I guess just to say “I hear ya!”

    By the way, my cute, adorable, handsome 13 month old Oliver woke up from his nap last week with a wonderfully horrific surprise – he took his diaper off and pooped. It.was.everywhere. On his legs, his pillow, his sheets, his crib rails, the floor. That was a fun morning 🙂 Bath time came super early that day. He found it hilarious.

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