R-Z of the Alphabet Game

This is cheating, isn’t it?  There is just NO WAY I can do a post for each letter AND a post for the ‘x’ day of thanks, so I’m going to try to knock this one out focus.  I may be cheating, but at least I’m finishing it!

  • R is for Rogers, AR.  I moved to Rogers when I was 10 years old, and outside of living elsewhere for college I have pretty much been in the area ever since.  I really wouldn’t mind moving away again, but it’s tougher the older I get because all of our friends are here…and both sets of parents are pretty close.  I’d actually pick-up and move tomorrow if Chris was on board, but I don’t think he’s that interested.  There is just something about CA or CO or FL that is calling my name….
  • S is for Sadler’s.  I have been working for this company for about 4 years now, and I have grown and moved up and learned and been challenged and I love it.  It’s a tough job, don’t get me wrong, but the perks make it worth it.
  • T is for television.  By now, readers, you know that I’m 100% addicted….and I’m ok to admit that.  RHOBH starts back today!
  • U  is for umbilical cord.  Yes, I’m talking about the life-line between the placenta and baby while in the womb.  It’s only, like, the coolest thing that has ever existed!  Think about it- it’s truly amazing.
  • V is for the vacation.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE going on vacation!  I generally prefer to go to a beach, but sometimes the mountains are cool too.  I have two vacations planned currently- one is a quick trip with my friend to Charlotte for New Years Eve…..super excited…and the second is a week-long trip to Punta Canta that Chris and I have booked for January.  Can’t.Wait.
  • W is for whining.  I hear WAY too much of it from people on a regular basis.  Maybe I do a little too much of it myself, but I’m working on that.  I think venting is healthy and needs to happen, of course, but let’s talk about some good stuff too, people!
  • X is for Xerox…as in copies.  In the business that I do, I cannot imagine if I had to write down everything vs printing it out/making copies/etc.  That would be miserable!!
  • Y is for year…as in the year 2013, specifically.  My lucky number is 13…always has been.  I shit you not, I was born at 2:13 on Friday, February 13th and was the 13th baby that day in the hospital. Weird, right?!?  Anyway, I feel good about 2013.  It will be the first year that my business will be ‘open’ for a full year (more on that later).  I already have an amazing vacation planned for January.  My job and pay are changing in January, and I’m excited about the opportunities.  Most importantly, though, is that I really feel like I will at LEAST get pregnant in 2013, and probably have a baby.  =)  It will happen….
  • Z is for zumba.  I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately, and my favorite class, by far, is zumba.  In case you didn’t know, I have mad dance skillz.

So yeah, cheating or not, I’m done with this!

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3 thoughts on “R-Z of the Alphabet Game

  1. OHHH, NOW I see where you would like to move someday 🙂 I should have read the older posts first, hehe. I love my tv shows, too. The umbilical cord and the placenta are amazing. The placenta is the only organ that we can grow and then dispose of just like that – it has one sole purpose, to nourish that beautiful baby. I know I’m a little granola, but man, I liked seeing my placenta and having the midwife explain how it kept Oliver alive all those months. Nothing quite as satisfying as hearing how healthy your placenta looks as the midwife is beaming with a smile from ear to ear and stretching the placenta out for both Aaron and I to see. Not nearly enough women appreciate the umbilical cord and the placenta. And damn, this is a reason you deserve to be pregnant.

    And I agree about the whining…it gets old. There is a difference between venting and just whining.

    Your two upcoming vacations sound awesome. I am sad that we did not get to connect while you were here. That week was so busy with Halloween stuff, and I felt exhausted. The wind is crazy here, though, and I just avoid driving in it since my car was in its accident. Anyway, here’s a hug { } because while I don’t always know what to say on your pregnancy posts, I wish the very best for you and hope that 2013 is YOUR year!

  2. It was sooo windy when I was there! I was bummed it was too windy and chilly to enjoy the beach as much as I normally would have.

  3. I think 2013 will be your year, too, love!!

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