Day 6 of Thanks…

I’m so thankful for my right to choose.  Here are five things that I RIGHT THIS SECOND value the right to choose on:

  1. The right to choose my husband…and for him to choose me.  =)  I CANNOT imagine if I’d lived back in the days of arranged-marriages and what-not.  I for sure would have either been burned at the stake for being too vocal and having opinions or I would have killed my spouse and been on the run.  Seriously.  However, I got to choose the coolest guy around….I even put that in his wedding band…”I choose you.”
  2. The right to choose to have a baby or have an abortion.  You may think “Geez, Jen…obviously you would never have an abortion because you are so obsessed with having a baby!”  That’s pretty  much true, except you never know what situation you will find yourself in.  If my doctor told me I would die giving birth, I would probably abort.  If my doctor told me that my child would be in pain for a short time and then die, I would probably abort.  I would even consider abortion if I was raped, although I doubt I’d get pregnant from that if I’ve been trying all this time and it hasn’t worked yet.  Anyway…I also might choose to not abort in any of those situations.  The fact is that it’s my body…and I greatly respect and appreciate the right to do with it as I wish.
  3. The right to choose to participate in organized religion or not.  Not every person who enters this world really has the right to choose to live his/her life according to personal beliefs.  I wouldn’t thrive well in those environments, so thank goodness I don’t have to adhere to anyone’s chosen line of thinking when it comes to theology.
  4. The right to choose what I want to eat for the day/week/specific meal/etc.  We are soooo spoiled here in America, especially those of us who don’t struggle daily with money for basic needs and wants.  If I want Mexican food, I can have it within 20 minutes.  Chinese?  Thai?  Italian?  American?  Greek?  All options.  When you think about it, it’s really amazing.
  5. The right to choose where I live.  More than ever, recently, I’ve been thinking about moving away from AR.  If it weren’t for friends and family I think we’d already be gone…..but who knows what the future holds.  Regardless, I’m so happy to have the option of going to live wherever I want for as long as I want….

I often feel that people don’t really appreciate what they have nearly enough.  I find myself in that boat sometimes, as I’m struggling to get the one thing I’ve always wanted most in this world and it’s not working out just yet.  There are a few issues that are being voted on across the country today that I really hope make some forward steps.  A couple are:

  • Civil Unions/Gay Marriage- whatever you want to call it, it’s pretty much allowing same-sex couples to legally couple up and receive the same benefits that us heterosexual couples receive when we get married.  Whether you agree with people being gay or not (I personally believe it is not a choice and shouldn’t be treated as such), who are YOU to say what rights these people have/don’t have?  If you have religious bone to pick with homosexuals, why don’t you just let your God handle it and leave them alone yourself?  I mean seriously…if you are right, and homosexuality is so wrong, isn’t your God going to just send these people to hell anyway?  Why do you care if they can legally wed in the meantime, then?  My point is this- it is not our place say that some people are better than others or deserve more than others
  • Medical marijuana in AR today, people voted on legalizing medicinal marijuana.  I am shocked an appalled at some of the people I have heard of who I KNOW who have voted against this.  People who I have SEEN smoke pot, and not for medicinal reasons.  People who take antidepressants or pain pills or anxiety medication because they are just too stressed.  People who have exercised their rights to have abortions and carry concealed weapons.  People who have taken advantage of welfare in the past.  People who drink booze almost every day and smoke cigarettes multiple times a day.  These people want to do what they want to do, but they are not ok with legalizing a natural medication for prescribed usage?  Riddle me this, people who voted against this- are you seriously saying that if you or your spouse, for example, got cancer…and it was bad…and all of the treatments and medications that you were prescribed made you even sicker….you wouldn’t want this option?  What if you KNEW for fact that it was your dying mother’s only relief?  What if you KNEW for fact that your husband’s pain could either be helped by vicodin or marijuana wouldn’t he want to have options?  I understand that some people have concerns that legalizing medical marijuana will mean that anyone can get it.  Don’t you realize that TODAY anyone can get it anyway?  I’d love to hear anyone’s logical reason to vote against this (preferably one that isn’t hypocritical to your lifestyle)

Yay for choices!  Without them I’m sure I’d be dead.

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 of Thanks…

  1. I agree with all of this. I really believe Aaron’s mom could have benefited from having medical marijuana. The pain meds the doctors offered her were all so toxic, addicting, and really just made her all the more sick. She was so ill for so many years, and she often never ever took pain meds because of how awful they made her feel and how they made her vomit more, gave her excruciating headaches, made her unable to communicate/think clearly. It makes you wonder how drugs like this are totally fine, legally. They are abused and taken illegally all the time. I have never smoked marijuana, or even been around anyone who has. But I have been around people that abuse pain pills, and it is awful. I have been around Aaron’s mom who suffered 11 years with terminal cancer and refused to take pain meds because of what they did to her and how they made her feel. I’m with you on this entire post.

    And out of sheer curiosity, where would you think of moving someday? We left our family, but it has been a wonderful decision. Someday we might end up back in AR, but we absolutely love it here in FL right now. It just feels right 🙂

  2. John would move right now if I let him. I just can’t. Maybe when B is a legal adult, but then the girls would all be in school, T would be in middle school and most likely have made some pretty strong friendships. It’s a hard choice. I think I would be so happy in Oregon or Washington just for the scenery. That sort of land calls to me. I imagine all the fun things I would photograph there.

  3. Beautiful post! I can’t tell you how much I agree with all you’ve said. It amazes me how close minded people can still be.

    By the way…small world, I’m also from AR! I’m in the Fort Smith area. There was a time that I couldn’t have gotten away faster, but more recently I just feel more comfortable being “home.” Maybe because we’re TTC and all of our family is here? Eh, who knows.

    Anyhow, great blog and good luck to you with everything!!

    • Thanks! I glanced through your blog over the weekend- we have a lot in common in seems. I’ll try to comment soon! Best of luck to you as well!

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