And another one, and another one…

Here I am, back at the doctor’s office surrounded by more baby-bumps.  Perhaps I should start paying rent since I’m here so much?  I should at least get an award for not sassing off to someone or punching the cute little blonde across the coffee table from me. She’s probably nice.  She probably planned this pregnance.  She’ll probably be a great mom.  She looks happy…..but I could slap that smile off of her face.

I know, I’m awful! So my appointment yesterday was good and I am on track to ovulate very soon…like any day now.  I was at 1.7cm yesterday and I’m here to get checked again (by my friend, Mr Wand) this afternoon to see what I am this afternoon.  If I’m 1.9 or 2, I expect I will have to give myself the trigger shot tonight (Chris is out of town) and then do the IUI tomorrow (he’ll be back, obviously).  If I’m only 1.8 or just barely 1.9, Doc may wait and have me do the trigger tomorrow and the IUI on Friday.  This is what I’m hoping, just so that Chris doesn’t have to rush back to town tomorrow, but I’ll do whatever needed of course.  I cannot fathom that it will wait til this weekend or next week with me already being at 1.7.

So there is this one older lady who works the front office for Dr. Pappas that I just can’t STAND.  I did kinda go off on her can judge if I was out of line or not.  So last Friday, I checked in for my appointment with this lady…we’ll call her Mary…and as soon as I gave her my information and checked-in I was about to go to the bathroom and she saw me and told me not to.  She said “you have to have a full bladder for ultrasounds.”  I was confused, as this wasn’t the case before, but whatever.  I held it…painfully.  As soon as the ultrasound tech came and got me, she told me to “go undress and empty your bladder and I’ll be waiting in here.”  I laughed…cause I KNEW I didn’t have to hold it… but whatever.  So I had another appointment yesterday (Tuesday), and I decided to just check in and wait until the tech got me to use the restroom (yes, I have to pee all the time).  Today, though, has been a long, rough day of work and my patience isn’t as high as yesterday.  I got here about 2:30, and after I checked in I went down the hallway to pee.  I didn’t even have my pants down and there was a quick knock on the door and a “Mrs Hottinger, Mrs Hottinger.”  I buckled my pants and opened the door and there was Mary, starting on her speech about “You have to have a full bladder for ultrasounds, I thought we talked about this!”  I interrupted her in the middle of her next sentence and said “Ma’am, if you look at my chart or know me at all since I’m here like every week, you’ll know that I’m an infertility patient.  I do NOT have a baby in my belly and I am NOT having that kind of ultrasound!  Talk to the tech…it’s fine if I pee now….in fact, I kinda have to before the wand has his visit today.”  She just looked at me and said “are you sure?”  I said yes, talk to Sarah (the tech I’ve had lately).  I know, I probably should have just kept my mouth shut….but that’s not me, obviously.  Sarah is cool…I’m going to tell her to talk to Mary after I see her today…someday…whenever they come get me and take me back there.

I really hope that my blood flow is easier to find today.  That was so painful yesterday and I don’t want to deal with that again.  My right ovary ‘sits’ in the perfect location, but my left ovary (according to Sarah) sits a little lower and a little more to the ‘outside.’  I guess this is why that one hurts/is more tender in general.  She said it’s fine/normal, though.

OMG- I think I just saw a pregnant grandma.  That woman had to be at least 50.  Shit!

Ok, ultrasound time.  More later.

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One thought on “And another one, and another one…

  1. I probably would have said something, too. *shrugs*

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