Retroverted Uterus

Ultrasound is over, now waiting on the doc appointment to see next steps.  I was at 1.85 today, which means I’m growing about 1 mm a day.  Tomorrow would be 1.9…so I’m guessing trigger shot tomorrow and IUI Friday.  I should know soonish….whenever I can see the doctor…

As I was watching the ultrasound tech type up the notes on me this afternoon, I noticed she said that I had a “retroverted uterus.”  WTF

I was really nervous when I read that, as I have a friend who told me she has a ’tilted’ uterus and that it caused her several issues, so I asked Sarah what it means/why she put that/etc.  She said that in most women, when they stand up their uterus leans slightly forward.  In my case, my uterus leans towards my back.  She said about 20% of women have this and that it in no way causes or affects infertility.  It can affect childbirth, but that’s not the norm.  I’m going to have to research this when I get out of here.  Weird that it hasn’t been mentioned before, right?

I can already see that I’m not going to be very productive this afternoon if when I go back to the office.  My mind is elsewhere.

Ok- saw the doctor.  Here’s the scoop- I am at 1.85 today, which is right on track per the ‘norm’ for how much you grow daily.  Doc expects me to be at 2 by sometime tomorrow.  I am suppose to give myself the trigger shot tomorrow (10am was his suggestion…I hope I can make myself give it to myself!) and then we go to the doc on Friday afternoon for the deposit/IUI.  Dr. P went on and on about what a beautiful follicle I had…very plump and round.  You know…like your mom.  LOL..kidding…had to.  But really, he said at LEAST 3 times how beautiful it was.  =)  Fingers crossed!


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