Day 8 of Thanks….

I am thankful for text messaging.  A few of the reasons I love texting so much:


  • I’m not a big phone talker, so texting keeps me in better contact with some people, like my mom.  I was SO happy the day she learned to text!  it took her a while to get the hang of it, but now we text every single day and I don’t have to talk on the phone.  You see, I hate talking on the phone during the work day…I’m busy and distracted and it’s really just a disruption to whatever I’m working on.  I don’t mind talking on the phone on my way home, but once I’m home you’ll be hard pressed to get me to pick up the phone
  • Texting gives you/your fellow texter a minute or two to respond to something.  If someone wants to hang out and they call me, I have to try to figure out if we are open that day….and if so, if I really want to do anything or not (as my ‘free’ days are rare).  If they text me, I can check my calendar…run it by Chris…and then respond.  No pressure
  • Since I’m in meetings a lot, if someone calls me and I can’t answer, they can just text me if it’s important and I can deal with it vs waiting until I get out of the meeting and checking messages/returning calls/etc.  I guess you could just say accessibility is better?
  • Sharing picture/funny e cards/etc….I get some and they make me smile, and I send some that I know make people smile.  Win win


I’m sure there are more, but I’ve got to get back to work- big meeting this afternoon.  Fingers crossed!

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