Slight change of plans.  Dr. Pappas called me this morning and asked me to take an ovulation predictor test and then give him a call back.  I did (which I would have done anyway), and it was negative.  I called Dr. P back, and he started apologizing for being so scatter-brained yesterday in my appointment.  NOTE- I DID notice two things at my appointment yesterday.  1) Dr. P’s sweet nurse, Freeia (sp?), had obviously been crying.  She is the sweetest thing!  I really wanted to give her a hug and ask her if she was ok, but I know whenever I have been crying or am going through something if someone asks me if I am ok I just completely lose it…so I didn’t.  2)  When Dr P came in he thought I was someone else.  He asked me “so, you still think you are going to deliver early?”  I said “what” and he repeated it and I looked at him and said “Unless you forgot to tell me, I’m not pregnant.”  He then looked at my face and then my chart and apologized profusely.  He thought someone else was his next appointment or something.

So anyway, he went into an apology on the phone and said he was so sorry and that he had just given someone terrible news right before coming into my room and that everyone was a little all over the place.  It clicked right away and made sense, and I almost wanted to cry because I just knew it had to do with someone losing a baby.  I don’t even know this person or details, but I felt it.  I told Dr P about my negative ovulation test, and he said “Ok Jen, we are going to nail this timing, but I’m going to have you change some of the plans we discussed yesterday.”  New plan is this:

  1. Take the trigger shot tonight at 10pm.  This is good for me because I won’t have to give myself the shot, but it’s bad for Chris b/c he hates needles and he’ll have to do it….unless I get my neighbor Shannon to do it.  We shall see…hopefully Chris can.  Dr. P said the ideal timing is to have your IUI 34-36 hrs post-trigger shot
  2. Instead of going in on Friday afternoon (that was the plan after taking the shot today at 10am originally), I’m set to arrive at Dr. P’s office at 7am on Saturday with Chris.  He will ‘make his deposit’ by 7:30 and then around 9 we will do the IUI
  3. Dr. P then said to make sure and ‘concentrate relations’ Sunday morning and Sunday night.  I don’t think he knows me and Chris, lol.  He probably has to tell people to have sex to make sure they do!  Crazy!

So anyway, that’s the new plan….and I’m excited.  I think I’ve mentioned before that I really try hard not to get my hopes up each month….but with this BEAUTIFUL follicle and the perfect timing, I can’t help myself!

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5 thoughts on “RE: IUI

  1. Sara

    fingers crossed!!!!

  2. I guess you and Chris won’t be drinking tomorrow night at dinner? Or at least not a lot because it looks like you are going to have an early Saturday morning and need ot be ready to GO! Are you sure you still want to do dinner or do you and Chris was to be alone Friday night? Just let me know…

    • Oh we will be drinking I’m sure, just not more than a couple if I were to guess. I hate early Saturdays, but hopefully this one will be worth it! Of course I still want to do dinner tomorrow…I’m so looking forward to it!

  3. Yay!!! Yay for timing and beautiful follicles.


    YEAH!!! feeling good about this girl…fingers cross!!!!!! I would have came to your house tonight and give it to you. Let me know when he gives you the shot. He/you will do great. Love ya

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