Day 11 of Thanks…

Today I am thankful for all of my friends’ kids.  Ok, not ALL of them, but most of them.  =)  I LOOOOOOVE being “Aunt Jen” to so many kids!  It really makes me happy, and I’m pretty sure I’m like the best aunt ever.  Or at least I try to be.  Really.

This afternoon I got to have a ‘date afternoon’ with two of my favorite boys ( my friend Kim’s sons….one is 10ish and the other is 14ish I believe), and we had a blast!  Their mom has been on a trip for about two weeks, and I could immediately tell that they just seemed a little down and ready for her to be home (lucky for them she gets back this evening). The youngest, B, immediately came over and crawled into my lap and snuggled with me for a few minutes while we discussed afternoon plans.  It was the sweetest.  His brother, A, started chatting me up and never stopped!  The three of us grabbed lunch at Firehouse Subs and then went to the movies and saw Hotel Transylvania. A few highlights of the afternoon:

  • While we were having lunch, B asked me when I was going to have kids.  I told him hopefully soon and asked him why he asked that.  His simple response was “Because I think you’d be a really good mom.”  Melted.My.Heart.
  • Both of the boys asked me to come in and hang out when it was time to drop them off.  I love that they are worn out…excited about seeing their mom…probably have a million different things they could do once getting home…and they wanted me to come in and hang out.  Sweet.
  • I always ask kids a bunch of questions when hanging out….like what classes they are taking/what sports are their favorites/what their favorite teams are/etc.  Today, we discussed favorite teams….first ‘memory’ they could ever remember…favorite foods….and every single time we discussed something new one of them would ask ME what MY answer was!  Most kids don’t do that!  They either don’t care or don’t think about it or have their mind elsewhere….but these kids always wanted to know what I thought too….just shows their heart and character, ya know?
  • There was not a single moment of sassing or fighting amongst themselves or bad attitudes or anything of the sort
  • I was thanked for picking them up….for lunch….for the candy we bought…for the movies…for EVERYTHING….several times.  They didn’t have another adult around telling them to say thank you or anything….they just were appreciative.  Of everything.  Great kids.

Obviously, my heart was very full and I just smiled being around these boys all afternoon.  They made my day.  And I am so so so very lucky, because I have several other little lovebugs who can always turn my frown upside-down.  I know that sounds lame, but that’s exactly what they do and many days no adult on the planet could do that for me!

Happy Sunday- time to lay on the couch with my love!

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