IUI Update

I just wanted to share a few details regarding the IUI:

  • At 10pm last Thursday I had my trigger shot.  It’s called Ovidrill and pretty much is suppose to make a mature follicle release its egg….meaning make you ovulate.  I was planning on having Chris give me the shot, but once I cleaned off the spot (did it on my belly) and got the shot out and ready, Chris looked like he wanted to vomit.  Poor guy….let’s hope I don’t have to do a lot of shots in the future.  Anyway, I ended up just sticking myself and then Chris helped me push the liquid in.  It didn’t hurt
  • The next morning I took a OPT and it was negative.  I was slightly worried about that, until I remembered that those tests only predict 24-36 hours til ovulation and I wasn’t planned to have my IUI for another 24 hours.  I tested again in the afternoon and it was positive- perfect
  • The Ovidrill didn’t really affect me too much, except I had some severe cramping late on Friday…probably the actual dropping of the egg I suppose?
  • On Saturday morning, Chris and I got to the hospital at 6:45am and Dr. P was there to let us in.  We went to the ‘sleep study’ section of the clinic, which is pretty much just a bunch of rooms with beds/tvs/etc, and Dr. P left us to ‘collect’ Chris’s donation.  I gave Chris a kiss and then went into the hallway to wait on him.  I guess some couples like to do that together, but for me that’s just a little weird.  Maybe I’m weird.  Who knows
  • After collection, Chris and I turned the sample in and went to have breakfast.  We ended up just having juice b/c it took too long, but oh well.  Got back to the hospital around 8, where Dr P’s nurse was there to great us on her day off
  • Procedure went well (it’s very similar to a pap smear, except instead of collecting cells for testing a catheter is used to inject the swimmer).  Afterwards, they had me lie down for 30 minutes…then we were all done

I’ll find out the week after Thanksgiving if it ‘worked’ or not….

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7 thoughts on “IUI Update

  1. Sara

    you are definitely not weird 🙂

  2. ovidrel’s an easy one, it has a nice fine needle, hopefully you won’t have to experience any other injectables, some of them are gnarly. i never assisted my husband with specimen collections either, to be honest, since we were both working we were usually there at different times. iui worked for me (on try #3), i hope you have the same success, but sooner than i did!

    • Thank you! The shot was definitely much better than I anticipated…hopefully no more shots in the future for sure, though. =) I’ve read a lot of people who had their 3rd IUI work…crazy! Congrats!!!! I’m willing to try 3 or 4 of them I suppose….just so ready. I’m enjoying your blog!

  3. l’m so excited!

  4. Fingers crossed for you! I hope this IUI works. Think sticky egg thoughts what eating some bird!

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