Thanks- Day 13

Today I am thankful for classes at my gym.  Specifically, I’m thankful for Monday’s Cardio Jam, Wednesday’s Zumba, Thursday’s Cardio Jam and Sunday’s Yoga because these are the ones I go to/try to go to every week.  Going to the gym is hard…and making myself stay on the elliptical or treadmill for more than a half-hour is even harder…so classes are my jam!  I love to dance…I love to be challenged…I tend to be a little competitive…and I love music to work-out to, so classes are a good fit for me.

Cardio Jam consists of an hour-long program that alternates 30 seconds of strength building (such as planks or curls or push ups, etc) with 30 seconds of cardio (such as jumping jacks or box jumps or knee lifts or jump rope, etc).  It’s really tough, but since you are constantly changing what you are doing it seems to go faster.  I’m usually sore for at least two days after each class.

Zumba is pretty much a dance class.  I sometimes wish I could change the music (my fav instructor tends to lean towards Shakira or Ricky Martin), but that’s about it

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