Day 14 of Thanks….

Today I am super thankful for my fur-babies!  When I was growing up, we were never allowed to have inside pets.  We almost always had an outside dog, but sadly every single one of them either ran away or got hit by a car (we lived on a highway).  Chris and I both knew we wanted an inside dog or two from the day we moved in together, but it wasn’t until we bought our house in 2006 that we were able to get our first puppy.


This is Suka:

Suka was born the day after Thanksgiving in 2006, so she is almost six years old.  She is a registered Siberian Husky and gets lots of attention anywhere we go!  Chris and I found her in MO from a couple of meth-heads who were breeding and selling dogs.  She was immediately sweet and affectionate, and I knew…especially after seeing her living conditions…that I couldn’t leave there without her.  She was pretty sick when we got her, but after lots of love and vet visits and money she got better and better.  She is the sweetest dog I’ve ever been around and I love her very much.  Chris is the one who named her Suka….it means ‘fast’ in some Eskimo tribe or something.


This is Barley:

We got Barley in the Fall of 2007…he just turned 5 last month.  After having Suka for almost a year, we decided that she needed a playmate.  Chris and I both work all day and don’t get to go home during lunch most days, so we wanted Suka to have some company during those long days.  We found Barley online…I was specifically wanting a registered red and white Siberian Husky…and we drove to a place near KC, MO to pick him up.  When we got there we almost didn’t get him…he was the only puppy left out of his litter….it was obvious he hadn’t been inside a house much…..he was a little skittish around people…and he had a large hernia on his belly.  I had never seen a hernia, so it freaked me out  a little bit.  I actually ended up calling my vet from the place in KC and asking her about hernias and if I should be concerned.  Obviously, Chris and I decided we had to have him and brought him home with us. Barley is not as outwardly affectionate as Suka is to just anyone…but if he loves you he definitely shows it.  He’s just picky…like his momma.


Suka was in love immediately, and they have been best friends since day one.  Having two ‘biggish’ dogs is definitely difficult at times when it comes to entertaining/traveling/getting their exercise, but it’s worth every minute.  I would hate to think of one of them home alone all day….


I love my babies!

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2 thoughts on “Day 14 of Thanks….

  1. I ♥ your fur-babies, too. They are great pups.

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