Day 15 of Thanks….

Today I am thankful for this blog!  I’m not trying to say it’s amazing or has saved my life, but during the most trying time of my life it has offered me an outlet…and for that I am very thankful.  It also allows me to:

  • update people on the baby makin’, as I have days/weeks/months that I really don’t want to talk about it in person
  • openly discuss my opinion on current events without having to make people uncomfortable OR have to listen to people tell me I’m wrong.  Take the election, for example.  No way was I going to get on facebook and spout off on one thing or another…opens it up to too much craziness.  Here I can talk and that’s that…
  • vent.  There have been several things in the past few weeks that have REALLY upset me and/or annoyed me from my friends/family.  You know, things such as being lied to…watching someone be a hypocrite….watch someone making mistakes you have warned them about…etc etc.  Use to I would always confront these issues, right or wrong, and it didn’t always end well.  On the blog, though, I can vent and hopefully just get things off my chest and forget about them and move on

So….yay blogging!

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One thought on “Day 15 of Thanks….

  1. So you are a gansta now? I’m concerned.

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