Journey Thus Far…updated

November 2010- Stopped taking the pill and hoped my body would figure things out quickly

March 2011- Finally had a period

April 2011- Started tracking cycles/ovulation since both were rare

November 2011– Started getting concerned and had first appt to discuss

December 2011- First round of tests for me.  Ended up on Metformin

February 2012- Since still only ovulating every 45 (average) days, started 50 mg of Clomid this month

March- 2012- Another BFN, but first one since Clomid.  Doubled Clomid to 100 mg this month.  DH tested and his swimmers are ‘amazing’

April 2012- BFN.  Discovered not producing enough progesterone, so now on progesterone and metformin….and another cycle of 100 mg Clomid

May 2012- BFN.  Last cycle of Clomid and IUI #1.  Total meds- metformin, progesterone, Clomid, trigger shots when needed, and a steroid

June 2012- BFN. Had to take break from Clomid since did 4 cycles.  Off of all meds except metformin.  Told to look into insurance covered of IVF

July 2012- BFN after trying naturally.  Still on metformin

August 2012-  BFN after trying naturally.  Still on metformin

September 2012-  BFNBack to doctor and was prescribed Letrozole (similar to Clomid) to take on days 3-7 of next cycle.  Started progesterone after positive OPK.  Still on metformin and the PNV I’ve been on since Nov 2011.  Also started back on steroid every other night at bedtime

October 2012-  BFN after first round of Letrozole.  Started second round…

November 2012- IUI #2….currently in the 2ww to see if it worked or not.  Taking progesterone, steroid, metformin and PNV nightly.  Will test November 26th and stop progesterone if negative.  Plan is to increase Letrozole next cycle if I get a BFN in order to get a mature egg earlier (this month I wasn’t at 2mm until CD 18)

The rest is TBD…..

Just FYI:

  • BFN- big fat negative (pregnancy test)
  • CD- cycle day
  • PNV- prenatal vitamin
  • IUI- Intrauterine insemination…the doc placing the sperm into the uterus to facilitate fertilization.  Otherwise known as the ‘turkey baster’ method, lol
  • OPK- ovulation predictor kit
  • TTC- trying to conceive
  • 2ww- Two Week Wait.  I HATE this one….longest two weeks ever (between possible conception and being able to verify)

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8 thoughts on “Journey Thus Far…updated

  1. Sara

    whew! so glad you included an acronym key 🙂 what is DH?

  2. Sara

    My guess is “darling husband” 🙂

    • Yes ma’am…Darling Husband or Dear Husband. I don’t use it much b/c I’m ok with using names/etc, but it’s all over the ttc blogs for sure!

  3. You (and others) will really appreciate these details someday. I really hope this wait ends with great results. I am thinking about you.

    • I think so! I’m putting them in a spreadsheet next week when I get some time too….that way if I have to end up going to a specialist I have it all ready/easy to read.

  4. I knew all those acronyms! I think I spend too much time online.

  5. Hate the 2ww! Hoping it goes by fast for you and that IUI #2 is a success 🙂

  6. PS, the 26th is P’s birthday, so it is a pretty awesome day for great things.

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