Day 18

Today I am so so so so thankful for hot water!  I haven’t had a hot shower since Friday morning, and you would think it’s been ten years based on how my back feels and how I look!  LOL.  Seriously, though….here are my main reasons:


  • My back is shit.  I have three herniated discs, and I’m told that I’m pretty much screwed in the pain department unless I want to ‘try’ a surgery that ‘might’ fix it.  Besides pain pills (which I take if it gets really bad), the only thing that really takes the pain away is emerging myself in hot water (hot tub/bath/etc).  Something about the water and the temperature just makes everything numb and I can’t feel any of the pain….it’s the BEST!!!  I take a bath every single night that I can…every.single.night.  And when I say I like a hot bath, just know that it’s about 10 times hotter than any normal person probably likes their baths!  I run the bath…and then I have to let it cool for about 10-15 minutes before I can talk myself into it (I run ONLY hot water…if I mix it, it’s always too cold…and if I add cold water at the end to bring the temp down a little it ends up too cold).  It’s painful to get in, but once I’m in it is HEAVEN!!  And any part of my body that is under water always turns bright red for a while.  Chris thinks I’m crazy, but it makes my back feel great.  PLEASE NOTE- I do NOT take baths this hot when I’m ovulating or during the 2WW of finding out if we’re pregnant.  I’m no dumb-dumb.  I still take a bath, but not one that makes me sweat.  =)
  • Something about a hot hot shower or bath just relaxes me.  I’m honestly at a point where I cannot go to sleep very well without a bath (unless I’m really wasted, lol).  I tend to run on ‘high’ with stress and anxiety and thoughts and blah blah blah, and a bath makes me just chill.  Plus, it seems like that is the only time out of each day that I get to myself.  I wake up in the mornings and the dogs want attention.  I don’t even get my computer on before work peeps are calling me…and that lasts until at least 5:30 or 6 most days.  Then I go to the gym and am either in classes or gabbing with a friend.  I get home, and Chris is there and he wants attention too (which I love to give him, don’t get me wrong)…so by the time I take a bath I just need a moment.  Or 30.
  • I get cleaner with hot water, obviously.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t stay in the water long at all!  Can you imagine having to bathe in cold water during the winter?


Anyway, after two days in the boonies, I’m loving some hot hot water….


Oh, and here is a bathtub I would LOVE to have someday!  I use to always want a jacuzzi or a two-person tub, but I think I’ve changed my mind.  Jacuzzis aren’t bad, but when I have access to one I generally don’t even use the jets…and I’m sure they are a bitch to try to really clean.  And a two person tub is cute, but in reality Chris can’t handle the temp of my water anyway!

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4 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. I. LOVE. THAT. TUB! Seriously. I’m about to rip apart my bathroom thanks to you. lol

    Back issues are the WORST! I have a narrowed (basically nonexistant) disc in my lower back, and that shit sucks. Especially when it goes to pressing on my sciatic nerve. Yay for hot baths!

    Welcome back to civilization! 🙂

  2. I love a good bath always have, i spent a year abroad and never had access to a bath tub and it left me forgetting how much i love a good relaxing bath. Tonight i might just take one.

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