30 days of Thanks- Day 19

I am thankful for each of you bloggers out there who do NOT make me do the whole “prove you’re not a robot” thing in order to comment on your blog!  I hate those things…and I almost always mess up….and I usually have to ‘get new words….and it is just oh-so-frustrating!  I understand why people do it (we all hate spam), but there are several options outside of having your blog set-up this way.  A few examples:


  • you can moderate comments, meaning approve/not approve before they publish
  • you can set-up to approve NEW commentors, and after you approve them and they want to comment again in the future, they are free to post (this is what I do)
  • you can set your blog up to where you have to enter the weird numbers/letters the first time you post under your profile, but every time after that it doesn’t make you do it (I’ve seen several like this as well)


I usually do most of my blog reading at night on my iPad….and if I get the whole “enter these crazy looking letters/numbers” thing, I’ll just skip posting a comment.  It’s too much trouble, especially on the iPad.


If you like comments (or MY comments, in particular), maybe consider the above options!  I’m thankful if you do!

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4 thoughts on “30 days of Thanks- Day 19

  1. Hmm… I’m not even sure how I have mine set as. I have spam blocker on the biz website, but I don’t know if I have it set up on the personal one. I do have it set up so I can moderate comments.

  2. Your personal blog DOES have the dumb robot thingy on it. FYI.

  3. I’m not sure if I have the anti-robot thing set up on mine, and if I do I’m not sure how to get rid of it lol

  4. It’s not that big of a deal on the personal blog since only a handful of people know about it, but I’ve had to spend time wading through 16 pages of spam once on the biz blog before I got the spam plug-in. That was lame.

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