30 days of Thanks- Day 27

Today, and at least 5 days out of every week, I am oh-so-thankful for Microsoft Excel!  Go ahead, call me a dork…or a nerd…or a weirdo…but I love Excel.  About half of my job deals with pulling, compiling, analyzing, interpreting and sharing data…so anything that makes that easier for me is a blessing.

When I started in the business world, I had little to no Excel experience.  I could add a border onto a spreadsheet…hide a column…change cell colors…and not much else.  =)  Over time, slowly, I started to figure out basic formulas and formatting.  When I started at Sadler’s, I took on company forecasting and had to quickly get up to speed on detailed formulas/pivot tables/macros/etc.  It’s SHOCKING how much time I use to take to do certain projects that now are literally just a click/refresh and they are done!  I’m always amazed when something works out for me….lots of trial and error on my part, trust me.  Here’s an example of one formula in the sheet I currently have open at work:  =IFERROR(IF(RR$1-$E16<2,0,VLOOKUP($JI16,$JI16:$KN16,RR$1-$E16,FALSE)),0)

See, it even LOOKS cool!  Ok, enough geeking out.  Excel, I love you.  And thank you.

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2 thoughts on “30 days of Thanks- Day 27

  1. Sara

    how did I not comment on this? Excel totally made my list, too 🙂

  2. Heather

    Aaron loves Excel, too. He mainly keeps movies and sports related stuff organized in Excel. Everything is color coded and he updates it almost daily. He’s done it for years. YEARS! It’s kind of fascinating 🙂

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