Days 22-26 of Thankfulness

I haven’t felt very thankful over the past few days.  I thought this blog game would be easy, but with traveling for work, holidays and a BFN from my IUI, it’s almost too much.  I do, however, like to finish things that I start.

Day 22- I’m thankful for my friend Rebecca for a plethora of reasons, but here are a few:

  • She’s a rockstar at work, yet she’s not arrogant or demeaning to those around her.  I met her while working for the same company as her….and it’s because of her I have my current job!
  • We don’t live close to each other, but she’s always willing to plan a trip and drive over 5 hours to come see me for the weekend…and it’s a painful drive for sure….
  • She’s a beautiful, petite gal, yet she can drink more beers in one sitting than most guys I know (and maintain, I should add)…
  • She has always accepted me for who I am, even in the areas of our lives where we are very different (I WILL add that we have a LOT in common, though)
  • She has always been honest with me and I can always call her and ask her opinion and get good, solid feedback.  I love you, Becks!!

Day 23-On this day I am thankful for Paul and Martha Bergant!  I’ll limit myself to just three reasons:

  • Starting in Jr. High, I became best friends with their daughter, Farris.  Almost immediately, I began staying at the Bergant household MOST nights out of the week.  Seriously…I probably stayed at least 4 nights a week at their house and they never once made me feel weird about it or said I couldn’t/etc.  They were always welcoming and kind to me
  • On more than one occasion, Paul and Martha helped me out financially.  When I was in high school, my POS car broke down and I didn’t have funds to fix it.  I borrowed money from Martha (I think $1k or so) and paid her back monthly over the next year or so.  When I graduated, Martha got me a beautiful necklace like Farris’s that I had wanted and never even asked for (my parents didn’t even get me anything)!  When I got married, Martha bought my wedding dress as a wedding present (I was so excited and am still so thankful).  When my teeth straighten out from braces and I had to have jaw surgery, Paul and Martha AGAIN loaned me money and let me take my time paying them back.  It’s not the money I’m thankful for…it’s the giving nature they both have….the nonjudgement when I couldn’t manage on my own….the willingness to trust me to pay them back….just overall kindness and generosity.  I’ll never truly pay them back all they mean to me….but I will pass it on through others for sure!!
  • Even though Paul and Martha are pillars in our community and would have tons of tailgating options open to them every home game, they purchase a spot in the pit and host many of their ‘adopted kids’ for every game.  I like to think that we keep them young in some aspects…they are just too cool.  Love them.

Day 24- on this day I was thankful for good recipes.  I am not a great cook, but I can usually follow an easy recipe and have it turn out ok.  On this day, Rebecca and I (mainly Rebecca) made this white chicken chili that is just to die for!  It’s truly delicious- has chicken/beans/sausage/cheese/corn/cream o mushroom soup/chicken broth/onion/cumin in it…and probably more, I just can’t remember.  Anyway, I had it Saturday and am already making it again tonight  cause it sounds so good!  Without a recipe I would be completely lost.  Seriously.


Day 25-  I had a bad day this day.  I was thankful for mimosas.


Day 26-  On this Monday, I was thankful for 5pm to arrive so that I could quit working without worrying about something popping up.  It was a bad day….Aunt Flow showed up (after a second negative PT)…I had to play catch-up from work….I realized that I might not be able to go to Dallas later on this month due to timing issues with TTC….a deal I was working on with work became messy…just one thing after another.  I was happy to get home.


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3 thoughts on “Days 22-26 of Thankfulness

  1. Sara

    LMAO – I was almost thankful for mimosas as my Day 25. But I did it last year and figured I’d be judged as an alcoholic if I was thankful for them 2 years in a row 😉

  2. Hayley

    Love you!!!!

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