30 Days of Thanks- Day 30

I’ve noticed that most of my “days of thanks” posts are dealing with trivial things, so I wanted to make sure and make Day 30 really count.  So…for my last day of thanks…I am thankful for my husband.  I’ve posted about him/us before, so instead of giving you story after story of how much I love him and exactly what he means to me, I’m just going to share a list of 10 reasons that I was thankful for him JUST THIS MONTH.

1.  Throughout our TTC journey, he has never complained.  This includes the IUI that we did this month, where he had to go into the sleep observation room and ‘make a deposit.’  That sort of thing really bothers some guys, and it may even really bother Chris, but he has never complained about any of it.

2.  He is the biggest dork I know.  So not only does he make me laugh all the time, but he also makes my dorky-self feel somewhat normal.  =)

3.  He is understanding and respectful of things that he really doesn’t understand or care about but knows I do.  He doesn’t understand my need to clean sometimes.  He doesn’t relate to my nights where I walk in the house and just want to be silent for a couple of hours because I have been ‘on’ all day.  He doesn’t stress like I do.  BUT….he allows me to do all these things in my own way and doesn’t judge me for them or get upset because it’s different from how he feels/thinks.

4.  He’s super smart.  I like people who know what they are talking about and have opinions on such…and Chris generally does (and if he doesn’t know what he’s talking about he’ll be honest about that and still give you his opinion).  I CANNOT STAND when people spout off opinions and then can’t/won’t back it up.  And I hate even more when people give you ‘facts’ behind their opinions that are just plain incorrect!  It’s so annoying and frankly disappointing with society.

5.  He allows me to do whatever I want.  Some wives have to ask permission to do things- that’s ridiculous to me!  I understand that if you have kids you have to get them taken care of in one way or another (like taking turns or organizing sitters or whatever), but there is no reason in my mind to have to ask permission or get approval for something you want to do (keeping in mind that when I say ‘something you want to do’ I’m talking about things that are responsible and respectful, of course).  We are all adults here, ya know?  There have been many girls nights/girls trips/extended work trips/etc that I have gone on…all without grief from my hubby.

6.  Chris is really good at knowing me/reading me/knowing how to react to me/etc.  I admit- I am completely difficult to be in a relationship with and/or live with.  I am somewhat OCD.  I am demanding.  I am bossy.  I am candid in all aspects.  I tend to naturally be a little bitchy (more so with the hormones/pregger pills), and I’m not good at hiding emotions.  That being said…he is the BEST and reading me and knowing how to come into a situation.  Example- when I Aunt Flow showed up (meaning IUI #2 was a bust), I emailed Chris and he just said “I’m sorry babe.”  When he got home, I was laying on the couch in the dark…puffy eyes and wet cheeks and all that.  He didn’t turn the lights on…he didn’t really say anything…he just put his stuff down and crawled onto the couch with me and layed with me.  It was exactly what I needed, and only he would have known that.  Love.

7.  He makes me save the planet.  He makes sure I don’t overfill the tub each night when I run a bath.  He goes through the trash at times to make sure I didn’t throw a single thing away that could be recycled (this is almost out of control- the boy recycles the foil from a Hershey’s kiss!).  He manages the thermostat so that I don’t waste as much energy as I know I would from liking to immediately be comfortable AND for being forgetful.  He rewears his clothes to almost a gross degree to avoid washing cause ‘it doesn’t need it.’

8.  He puts me first.  Always.  I don’t know many wives who can say that.

9.  I am so thankful that Chris is so easy to please.  He doesn’t care about what kind of house we have…what he drives…what clothes he has…how my hair is…how much I weigh…what we are doing this weekend…etc etc etc.  In fact, as long as he gets food and sex on a regular basis…and Razorback football and video games when he can, he’s a happy camper.  Thank goodness.

10. Chris always makes me feel wanted and loved….and that’s the best feeling of all.

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6 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks- Day 30

  1. Sara

    aw 🙂 I love this list! Isn’t it crazy how easy we can spout off 30 trivial things to be thankful for? I was just thinking this morning that I could probably do that for a whole year before I ran out of things! But these are the things that matter, and I love this list.

  2. hayleymaloney@sbcglobal.net


  3. I love the two of you together so much. Mr. Hott is awesome. I’m glad you have each other.

  4. Apes

    Such a sweet couple!

  5. Melisa Wish

    You two have def showed me the way love looks and feels. Its beautiful and natural to see you two together. Made me tear up a lil reading this. Have a great day lady!

  6. Heather

    I love this, too! I especially love that he recycles the foil from Hershey kisses! Now when I eat one I think of him 🙂 Way to go, Chris, for being awesome!

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