Day 28 of Thanks

On day 28 I was thankful for VACATIONS!!!  November 28th was the day that our last payment to Cloud 9 for our vacation in January was due.  I had already paid it off, but the reminder was set-up on my calendar….so when it popped up, I immediately began daydreaming about being on the beach!  Chris and I usually take one big vacation each year, and then another 2-3 trips that aren’t as pricey as the big trip.  =)  This year included:

1.  A cabin weekend in January

2.  A trip to Eureka for the weekend in March

3.  A trip to Dallas for fun (only me, though…Chris was out his boys weekend) in March

4.  A beach trip to FL in April

5.  A trip to Springfield for a concert in May

6.  A trip to a cabin on the Mulberry in May

7.  A work/play trip to NOLA in June

8.  A local music festival in June

9.  Current River in MO in July

10.  Another fun Dallas trip in October (only me, not Chris)

11.  A work/play trip to Clearwater Beach, FL in October

It’s been a busy year, I tell ya!  We got to Russellville for Christmas the weekend before the 25th, and then we’ll spend the 24th/25th with my family.  The next trips we have planned are as follows:

1.  I’m going to Charlotte, NC for New Years with my good friend, Farris.  We are going to spend a few days there and see Widespread Panic on NYE.  I’m stoked!

2.  Our ‘big’ trip for next year takes place at the end of January….Chris and I are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!  We’re staying at the Hard Rock resort/casino for 8 days and I CANNOT WAIT.  4 of those nights include Widespread Concert shows….that’s right, it’s a week at the resort totally dedicated to “Panic en la Playa.”  The resort is all-inclusive and is super pimp.  A jacuzzi tub?  Yes, please.  Stocked mini-bar?  Sure.  I’m so excited!  Plus, some friends of ours are also going…so we’ll get to enjoy things with them as well.  I like vacationing with people, because it seems that someone is always doing something that I want to do so you don’t have to be tied to one person!  here are a few pics of the resort we will be at:

The room we got:

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2 thoughts on “Day 28 of Thanks

  1. Sara

    oh, that looks like heaven! I’m on countdown to vacation honeymoon-style myself 🙂

  2. Heather

    Your upcoming trip looks amazing – that room!! I love that you two take the time to travel and get away.

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