IUI #3- 3rd times a charm, right?

Well, today is DC 12 and I had my first ultrasound for the cycle this morning.  Shockingly enough, I have one follicle on my right side (my ‘best’ ovary as far as follicles/blood flow/position/etc goes) that is already at a 1.9.  Last cycle, I didn’t have a follicle around that size until I was at least on DC 18 or 19!  I guess that’s what happens when you get your Femara doubled (hence the crazy hot flashes/etc this month).  I talked to Dr. Pappas after the ultrasound, and looks like next steps are as follows:


  • At 8am tomorrow I am to take a OPT to see if I’m about to ovulate and call Dr. P with the results
  • If it’s positive, we will most likely do the IUI on Sunday afternoon at the hospital
  • If it’s negative, I will most likely take a trigger shot late on Saturday night and do the IUI on Monday morning
  • After the IUI, we have the lovely 2ww…..longest two weeks ever, as always.  Will either make for a fabulous or shitty Xmas!


Below is a picture of one ovary and the follicles/cysts as they appear sometime closer to ovulation.  This is not my ovary, but looks very similar.  As you can see, there are 3-4 smaller follicles…probaby with diameters around 1 or so….and then there is one (the ‘lead’ as Dr. P would call it) that is obviously bigger and plumper.  This would be the one that will most likely reach its ideal size first and release an egg.  For the IUI, once I have one ‘lead’ follicle reach 2.2 or 2.4, we trigger the release of the egg and try to fertilize it quickly by already have the sperm in the uterus.  Interesting stuff.


I’ll keep you posted….


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One thought on “IUI #3- 3rd times a charm, right?

  1. I really hope it works. Really. And that 2ww is excruciating. it sounds like you will have your “answer” by Christmas – hopefully it will be a Merry Christmas!!!

    As for your friend, again – I am sorry. I often think of my friend Jeremy who died in April. He died of “natural causes” that were brought on by his unhealthy lifestyle. He had a diagnosed condition in which he shouldn’t have been doing things he was doing. I didn’t know about it. No one did. Essentially, he was depressed and lived himself to death.

    I think, could I have done more? Could I have been a better friend? And I could. Sure I could. But he didn’t live here and it was hard. It was hard to talk with him in the state he was in. It was hard to connect. But I do wish I would have tried harder. Not that it would have made a difference, because it might not have.

    It’s hard though when you lose a friend. I have days that are still really bad when I think about him and just the fact that he is gone makes me sad. It sucks.

    Anywho – I am thinking about you. It is good that they had a service for your friend. They didn’t for mine, and that made it really hard to “move on” and close the door. I think it made it harder to grieve.

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