IUI #4

IUI #3- failure.  BFN.  AF didn’t even wait for me to stop my progesterone this month….which could be a problem in itself I suppose.  Anyway….fuck.  What am I going to do?  Well…today I am going to go tanning.  Yup.  I know it’s terrible for me….I know I shouldn’t….but I think getting a little base before my vacation will make me happy, dammit.  I am so so so pasty right now because I gave up tanning a long time ago AND I didn’t get ANY tan this summer because it was simply to damn hot to be outside.  Besides tanning…and LOTS of drinking on vacation….we’re taking a break in January from TTC.  Sure, we’ll try ‘naturally,’ but I doubt I even get a chance to try since I probably won’t ovulate without any meds.  I need the break…for sanity.

I’m so tired.  This is ‘thing’ lately with me….I never feel like I get enough sleep….I never feel rested.  It’s really annoying.  And it makes me grumpy.  I can’t control my emotions very well when I’m really tired either, so that’s fun.  Poor hubby.  He handles everything so well.  I don’t know how he does it.  Makes me jealous…and proud…and sad.

I think I’ll start researching infertility specialists now and plan on going to my first consultation in February.  It’s time…I know it is.  Dr. P is amazing, but I just don’t know what else he can really do at this point.  I don’t even KNOW where the closest fertility clinic is to NW AR…maybe Tulsa?  LR?  Dallas?  Guess we shall see….was hoping I wouldn’t be faced with this.  I don’t even want to think about it right now, really.

Anyway, that’s my update.  Happy freakin’ holidays, people.

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5 thoughts on “IUI #4

  1. Sara

    😦 I know that is an overwhelming understatement (underwhelming statement?), but I know there are no words that will make you feel better. Enjoy your time off…. enjoy tanning, drinking, and relaxing.

    PS: There is a really good one in Frisco.

  2. Thanks, Sara. I have seen the one in Frisco a few times (I use to work on Legacy Drive), so I was planning on looking that one up. TX is a little farther than I’d like to travel to for this….BUT….since there are a LOT of clinics in that area I wonder if the pricing is more competitive. Something to consider when looking at a spend like IVF…

    • Sara

      I have a few friends who have gone through IVF (successfully), if you want people to talk to. My favorite story, and the one I was telling Paige about last night, is a friend who went through three rounds of IVF and eventually had twins. I take some credit because I gave her one shot while her husband was away 😉 Anyways, she’s all happy because after all the insanity, she has 2 perfect babies and is done with it….. only to accidentally, miraculously get an accidental pregnancy when the twins were about 18 months old 😉 our bodies are pretty darn amazing

  3. I know when I was looking at IVF, I was looking at a clinic in LR. The other option was Tulsa, but being that I have family in LR that was my obvious choice. I don’t think there is a Fertility Clinic in NWA. Sucks. It all just sucks. I’m so sorry Jen!

  4. FIrst of all, BOO BFN!

    The two closest clinics I looked at in our area (we are relatively close to one another I think) were Tulsa and Little Rock. I know people personally who have/are going to both. I chose Tulsa because I know 2 girls I went to school with who both used a doc there and had nothing but amazing things to say, plus my doc here in Fort Smith recommended Tulsa as his first choice. I’ve only been to two appointments so far, but so far my experience has been good. If you’ve got any questions I can answer just let me know and I can give you my email address if you like:)


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