Beach Brain

Hey, kids…what’s up?  Sorry it’s taken me so long to write another post- things have just been a little hectic coming out of the holidays.  You know how it is!  I feel like I have a lot of hings to catch-up on…yet I feel like I don’t have a lot to say.  Weird.  You know I love a bullet-point list, so let’s update that way today, shall we?

  • First off…still not pregnant.  In fact, since we are on a ‘break’ this month due to the horrible failure that was IUI #3 (and going on vaca this month), I still have not ovulated.  Had I been on my Clomid or Letrozole like normal, I would have ovulated around the 4th or 5th of this month and then had my period finishing up about now.  Instead, I’m on day like 30 of not ovulating.  No surprise there.  At least I won’t be on my period next week for the beach since I know I haven’t ovulated yet (I’m testing daily)!  Wonder how long it will take….
  • My New Years trip to Charlotte to see Widespread Panic was AWESOME!!!  Seriously…the travel was easy…the people I was with were great…the show was amazing…no complaints at all
  • Immediately after getting back from NC I got really sick…like went to the doctor during the day and then to the ER that night kinda sick.  It was awful!  I had the worst migraine I had ever experienced…I couldn’t keep my eyes open b/c the light made it worse….I couldn’t sleep due to the pain…after about 12 hours of this I couldn’t stop crying because it was just that bad.  I ended up getting shot up with something like morphine around 11pm at the ER and that finally helped (after they tried other stuff).  truly awful
  • I spent a week traveling for work right after I got somewhat better.  It was uneventful, except that I got my new hire signed off and was able to get her started with the company on the 16th.  Let me tell you- this girl is AMAZING.  She’s smart…she picks things up quickly…shes eager to please…she knows what she is doing…it’s great.  Work has been a little hectic and stressful due to some other issues (for another post, when I have like 5 hours to write, lol), but besides that it’s all good.
  • DH had a birthday while I was out of the blogosphere…he turned 35 on the 15th.  Halfway to 70, right babe?  I love you.
  • This week is almost as bad as the TTC 2ww.  Why, you ask?  Because we leave for Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) on Saturday at 7am.  I.AM.SO.EXCITED.  This week is going to just drag ass, I’m sure, but that’s ok…I need some time to do some last-minute shopping and pack my bags!  Here is what I’m most looking forward to on this trip:  1) Widespread Panic playing four nights of shows 2) My first vacation since I started with this company to NOT take any work with me (due to my awesome new hire I will not have to work on this trip…first vacation in 5 years that I didn’t have to do anything at all while out of the office)!  3)  Time with great people.  I love my husband, obviously, but I also love the other girls going on the trip!  4)  Sunny, warm days  5)  Did I mention Widespread Panic yet?

So that really catches you up to today.  I am going to be so worthless this week at work….I can already tell.  I’m just thinking of sand and sun!  Oh….and fingers crossed I ovulate at the beach.  Wouldn’t that be perfect?

More later.  Xoxo

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7 thoughts on “Beach Brain

  1. Sara

    I’m ready for my beach vacation! enjoy 🙂

  2. And of course you had a fabulous dinner with Dave and the Werners!!! Ha!!! I hope y’all have a fabulous beach vacation!!!

  3. April

    Ah I love having your blog delivered to me via email!!!
    Enjoy your vacation!!!!!
    And widespread panic!
    Love love!

    • Heck yeah!!! I should subscribe to a few myself. BTW- did you ever go private? It doesn’t look like it, but maybe I’m missing something?

  4. Very jealous!! Have a great time! 🙂

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