Another quick update on fertility…

So after my rant on Tuesday I decided to go ahead and call Dr. Pappas so that I could get an appointment within the next month or two.  In the past, whenever I called for my annual appointment, it would take at least a month to get in..sometimes longer.  I hadn’t had to deal with that recently since I was coming in every  month and would just schedule out for my next appointment, so I thought I was being pretty proactive.  Plus, I was feeling kinda helpless and needed to at least have an appointment on the books so that I have a ‘next step’ of sorts.  Anyway, I was shocked when the nurse was like “can you come in at 11:15 tomorrow?”


I made the appointment yesterday…amongst a ton of snow coming down….and it was bittersweet.  After looking through my history and asking me about when I last ovulated, when I started , how I was feeling, etc, Dr Pappas said “Jen….I feel like I’ve exhausted all of my options here with you.”  Before he could even say anything else I started crying in front of him.  I knew we were at that point….I knew he had tried everything he knew to do…I knew I didn’t want to try more of the same…but it really was a blow to hear those words.  He handed me some Kleenex and tried to make me feel better by telling me a couple of stories about ladies ‘just like me’ who got pregnant the minute he stopped working with them on it….he was very sweet…..but it’s nothing I hadn’t heard before.  I pulled myself together and asked him what he would do in my position.  His answer?  IVF.


I’m totally on-board with IVF, and told him as much, but I’m not ready for that yet.  First off, I don’t have $15k in savings….and it’ll take us at least a year to have that much that we can dedicate to a procedure that isn’t guaranteed.  Plus, I’m not convinced that there is nothing wrong at this point.  I asked Dr. P if there was a chance that I had PCOS, and he said yes. I asked if there was a chance I had endometriosis…and he said yes.  I kinda thought I would have been told that over the past few years if that was possible, but he’d never mentioned either of those two words to me.  In fact, the only reason I knew to ask about those is from reading other TTC blogs that deal with women with those issues.  I have a lot of the same symptoms as those women, so I’d always wondered.  Anyway, after he confirmed the possibilities of both PCOS and endometriosis, I asked him if he thought going to a specialist was a good idea…and he said yes.


Dr. P referred me to a Doctor Miller in Little Rock.  He is sending my charts/history over this week, and I should hear from Dr. Miller’s office within the next couple of weeks to schedule an appointment.  I’m not excited about the whole process, but I am excited to maybe get some answers.  Hopefully they are good ones….I’ll let ya know.

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3 thoughts on “Another quick update on fertility…

  1. Melissa

    Well Jen, I know this sucks and it’s not what you wanted BUT at least you have a plan and I know that for me that would be reassuring. Hopefully you are able to get some answers and a better idea of this new plan. Who knows though? Maybe you will get lucky and this will all end up having been a waste of time and you will find yourself knocked up?! Good luck!

  2. Sara

    hmmm. deleted my first comment because I haven’t been in your shoes. In fact, I’m currently just waiting for my husband to get over his stomach flu followed by freak allergic reaction to moving so I can jump his bones and see if babies are made. But anyways, that’s the wine talking 😉 I’m glad you have a plan. Even if that plan is to take a year off the “trying” pressure and to just focus on saving some money before the next step. I know this will happen for you and hubby because it matters to you. Keep us posted! And, as everyone has said, I have a friend who’s done IVF and ended up with twins + a baby girl (oops), and if you need contact info let me know. Actually, the last friend I hooked up with her was pg on first attempt, so I can hook you up with her contact info, too.

  3. Mel

    I love you.

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