Trying to Stay Positive

Well, Aunt Flow showed up on March 31st…no surprise there. I’ve done pretty well with managing expectations throughout each cycle, but it still gets me down. And it’s alienating to some extent. I have friends I could talk to, sure, but I don’t really feel like they truly get it. And I don’t want to start crying about it….which I will if I start talking about it…so I don’t. What is there to really say anyway, ya know? And my friends don’t have any answer that is comforting, so why put them in that position to start with, right? Anyway….here’s to another BFN.

We have our specialist appointment this Friday afternoon. I’m anxious to see what Dr. M has to say about everything…I’ll keep you posted! You should see all of the paperwork I have to complete before the appointment- it’s ridiculous! I’m having to look up dates of procedures/tests to try to make sure I have everything ready to discuss. It’s a pain in the ass, but hopefully it will be worth it.

One thing that makes me happy? My friend went to Dr. M less than a year ago for IVF and now has the most adorable, healthy little girl. Maybe he knows what he’s doing…


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3 thoughts on “Trying to Stay Positive

  1. Stupid BFN. Good luck with the specialist appointment. I really hope it goes well.

  2. Sara

    fingers crossed!

  3. Can’t wait to hear how your appointment went!

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