A Crazy Summer

Ok…I admit it…my planning has gotten out of control.  My friend Rebecca and I just emailed each other to find a weekend to get together after May, and between the two of us we can’t get a free weekend until AUGUST.  I am soooo not kidding.  I know, it’s ridiculous!  This Spring/Summer is crazier than normal, though.  I have so many trips planned that I am having a hard time keeping track.  Here is what comes to mind:

  • I have a beach trip planned later this month with my hubby and my parents and my in-laws.  We are going to Gulf Shores for a week…first vacation EVER with my parents!  I’m excited
  • I have a week-long trip to Arizona planned for mid-May with a friend
  • I have a long weekend trip to Dallas planned for a friend’s birthday in late May
  • Wakarusa Music Festival is the first weekend in June
  • I’m spending two nights in KC in mid-June (with hubby/friends) to go see Widespread play
  • I’m going to Colorado in late June/early July for 5 nights to see some concerts/visit with friends
  • In mid-July we are doing a girl’s trip to KC to see Train and Micheal Franti
  • I’m spending two weeks at the end of July/first week of August in New Zealand and Vanuatu.  I’ll do the first week in NZ and the second week in Vanuatu….going with a good friend to visit her family/attend her sister’s wedding.  And yes…Survivor was done in Vanuatu!
  • In mid August I’m going with some good friends to see Justin Timberlake and JZ play in Miami, FL

So yes, just a little busy.  Thank goodness I have a lot of vacation time with my  job!  I’m super excited about these trips…just know if you don’t see me until September it’s not personal!  lol

View from our house in Gulf Shores:

Childers Kokomo Gulf Shores House

Wakarusa Lineup:

Red Rocks:

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2 thoughts on “A Crazy Summer

  1. Freaking freaking freaking JEALOUS!!!!’n

  2. Sara

    This is a great kind of planning!

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