First Specialist Appointment

I had been counting down the days til my appointment with Dr. Miller at AR Fertility in LR….but at around 2pm on Friday (appointment was at 2:30) I started to get really anxious and nauseous. I literally teared up and was afraid I might get sick. I was just a little overwhelmed, I guess. I wanted answers…I wanted next steps…but I guess I was afraid of what I would find out.

Chris and I got to the office at 2pm for my 2:30pm appointment. I figured they would take a while to process me/have me fill out more paperwork/etc, but none of that happened. I DID fill out about 5 pages of ‘history’ before I came (turned it in when I checked in)….and I had to go online before the day of my appointment and enter in some OTHER information….AND he did have all of my records from Dr. P….so now that I think about it I don’t know what else I could have given him. =) The waiting room was empty except for one other couple. We sat across the room from them, but I could hear them talking about baby names. I got to thinking…are they pregnant already? Did they do IVF and this is their follow-up? Oh what I would give to be sitting the waiting room for once and actually be pregnant. I can’t imagine.

Anyway, we were taken back to a room about 2:30. We waited…and we waited…and we waited. I told Chris around 3pm that I would going to be irritated if Dr. M came into our room and hadn’t looked over anything yet, but I was sure that he was late because we was reviewing all of my paperwork/charts/etc. About 3:15 Dr. M showed up. And as he started to initially review my paperwork, but hubby was elbowing me to say “irritated yet?” Yes. I was. But I was nice, and as he took minutes to read through I said “I can summarize a lot for you if you want.” So I did. I told him about getting off of the pill in 2010 and never having a period. I told him about trying on our own…about how I would only ovulate every 2ish months without medication. I told him about our 4 failed cycles of Clomid and 3 failed cycles of Letrozole. I told him about the IUIs we did, which always resulted in BFNs. He asked questions, and I answered. He did an ultrasound of my uterus, which he said looked good. I did bloodwork… which all came back perfectly. So, you ask…what is his diagnosis? What’s wrong? Unexplained infertility. Yup. There is no answer.

As far as next steps go, Dr. Miller wants to do a round of Clomid + Injectables + IUI and see if that works. If not, he’ll do one more round of the same (possibly adjust the meds). If neither rounds work, he said our only option after that is IVF. Normally, a woman would start Clomid on day 3 of her period and that would kick off her med cycle. For me…since on Friday I was only on CD 13 and I usually don’t ovulate until somewhere between CD 30-40, Dr. Miller told me start Clomid immediately. I was able to get the script filled on Saturday, so I started the meds on Saturday and will take them for 5 days. On Thursday I will start my FSH (follicle stimulating hormones)/LH (luteinizing hormones) shots. These will be daily, but I won’t know how much/what kind I am taking until I get them in the mail on Wednesday. I’ll let you know. I will do those for 4 or 5 days. What do these shots do? They stimulate the ovaries to produce more than one egg…and improve the quality of those eggs. Chris and I will then go back to LR on Sunday night for a Monday appointment. Dr. Miller will look at my uterus/eggs and see when the best time to do the IUI will be. It will most likely be either Tuesday or Wednesday if I were to guess. I might ovulate on my own around Monday and do it Monday, but I bet I’ll have to take a trigger shot on Monday and do the IUI on Wednesday. We shall see.

So that’s where we are. I’m not excited about having a shot every day, but I’m excited to try something different that would possibly work! Do you know what the AR Fertility’s website says the main side effect from the LSH/LH shots is? Having more than one baby. LOL. Everyone woman who gets pregnant on these meds with an IUI has about a 30% chance of fertilizing more than one egg. Chris thinks that is terrifying…I think it’s great. I want more than one child in the long-run….so having two at once would be great! Especially with all the trouble we are having and money we are having to spend!

It had been several months since I took clomid…I forgot all about the mood swings and hot flashes! Yuck!!

Hot flash

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2 thoughts on “First Specialist Appointment

  1. Huge hugs Jen. I am glad you have a plan and sincerely hope it works for you. This darn getting pregnant process sucks sometimes. And it sounds like the negative side effect of multiples is a plus for you so yay!!! Good luck homegirl!

  2. Apes

    Oh yay a solid plan!
    Multiples scares the shit out of me, BUT!!!! – if you have multiples first you don’t know anything “different” so it’s not so bad (a mother of triplet girls told me this) 🙂

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