Specialist IUI #1 (IUI #5 in total)

Well, this week has been busy to say the least! Here is the low-down on this past cycle:

  • I started Clomid on April 13th and took it through April 17th.  Same side-effects as last time- very emotional and had really bad hot-flashes.  Really fun stuff.
  • I took Bravelle (the FSH injections) from April 18th to April 21st.  This was my first round of FSH injections, and they weren’t too bad.  The only side-effect I could distinguish was a bloated feeling.  Giving myself the shots wasn’t as bad as I had feared, but it was not fun either.  Plus, I had plans most of those days I had to take shots (and they had to be at a certain time), so I did my first shot at a friend’s house….the second shot in the bathroom at a local restaurant…the third in a friend’s hotel room….and the last, finally, at home.  Stressful.  I’m proud of myself, though
  • On April 22nd I had to be in LR for an ultrasound.  I saw a different doctor at the RE’s office this time, and I really liked him.  He took more time with me, and he just didn’t seem as rushed.  The ultrasound was painful this time, because a resident did the first ‘check’ with the wand, and she couldn’t find my left ovary.  My left ovary is actually hidden behind my uterus (which I told her when she was poking around), so she had a lot of trouble trying to find it and eventually gave up (after much pain on my end).  Doc came in and showed her what was up, and guess what?  I had two ‘perfect’ follicles- one on each side.  Both measured 20mm, which was great.  I usually only have one, so I was happy with two (although I expected more due to the injections).  After I did this, I had blood work done to see what my LH level was (to indicate if I had started to ovulate on my own or not).  It was a 6.2, which is low and means I had NOT started to ovulate yet
  • Because I hadn’t started to ovulate yet, Doc had me do a trigger shot at 8:30pm on the 22nd (to make me ovulate).  I don’t know if it’s because of the injections or because I had TWO eggs ready to drop or what, but the next day I had cramps from hell.  That’s not normal for me at all, so I was a little bit of a baby.  My sinuses were stuffed up…and my tummy was jacked up…so that day just royally sucked to say the least.
  • Yesterday, the 24th, hubby and I went in for our IUI.  I wasn’t nervous, really…just ready to get it done and get back home (note we had been in Central AR for this stuff since Sunday night).  Hubby did his ‘deposit’ first (in a room at the clinic…complete with dirty magazines and everything, lol) and then we waited for it to be ‘washed’ and prepared.  About an hour later we were called back into the procedure room.   We got the run-down on Chris’s numbers (amount of sperm/ml, motility, viscosity, etc), and everything was waaaaaaaay better than the ‘norm.’  In fact, I tihnk the doctor may have said ‘super,’ or even perfect.  Hubby was happy with that (and proud)….as was I.  The IUI went well (no mishaps this time- Doc was very good) and after laying down for about 20 minutes on this special table with my hip up we were free to go.
  • I started progesterone suppositories (fun….not) last night and will continue through May 8th.  I’ll test on the 9th and will know then if everything ‘worked’ or not.  Fingers crossed!!!!!

Luckily, we are leaving for the beach Saturday…..so I’ll be doing NOTHING all week next week.  All that relaxing should be the perfect solution to make sure a little embryo finally implants!!  The 2ww from ovulation to testing to see if you are pregnant is horrid, so a little vacation should help my spirits I’m hoping.  I’m feeling good about this cycle…

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9 thoughts on “Specialist IUI #1 (IUI #5 in total)

  1. Melissa

    It sounds like everything went great! I hope it results in a BFP!

  2. Fingers crossed!

  3. Sara

    fingers crossed! I love the blog redesign 🙂

  4. Sounds like everything is going according to plan! I hope your 5th IUI ends up being your last 🙂 Here’s hoping the TWW isn’t too cruel to you! Fingers crossed for you!!

  5. paige

    Love you and praying for yall. Have fun on the beach i am super jealous!

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙂 x

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