June 1- Family Story

June Writing Prompts:

1. Family story – how did your parents meet, how many brothers/sisters, tell us what you want.

My parents met in Texas at a store called Ardan’s.  Ardan’s stores were similar to a Kohls or something like that, and from what my mom told me they use to be pretty popular.  My dad did construction after he left the Navy, and he use to travel around setting up these Ardan’s stores in the midwest.  He was working on a store in TX when he spotted a new-hire for that store…my mom.  She was young (around 21) and already divorced (no kids).  He was 15 years older, and divorced with three kids.  They hit it off and the rest is history.  They’ve been married around 35 years now, and they had two children together.

How many siblings do I have?  I always say 4, two brothers and two sisters.  Yes, three of them are technically my ‘half-siblings,’ but that doesn’t really matter to me.  In fact, I’m closest to my oldest sister out of all of them….and she’s my half-sister.  All of my siblings have kids (oldest son, Doug, has two….Mickey has three….Seth has three…and Jessica has one), so my already has 9 grandkids….not counting the kids I’ll be having someday.   Chris has four nieces and nephews on his side of the family, so between the two of us we have 13 nieces and nephews!  Yikes!

So yeah…that’s my fam, for better or worse.  =)


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One thought on “June 1- Family Story

  1. Sara

    cute story! Randall and I are at 11 nieces/nephews with just 3 siblings between the 2 of us 😉

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