June 2- vehicle

June 2 Writing Prompt: What do you drive? What is your dream car?

Cars are totally not a big deal to me.  If you could see all the vehicles I’ve driven over the years, you would understand how I learned humility and why I realize that what you drive isn’t who you are.  I drive by a trailer house almost every day that has a new mustang parked out front.  You think that car is reflective of that person’s status?  Ha….nope.  Just for fun, let me tell you a few of the cars I have had over the years: an 84 Crown Victoria (this was my first car…an IRON BOAT if you ask me), followed by a 78 Beetle (orange love bug), followed by an 80-something Datsun pick-up truck (truck was brown, with a black hood and a red and white door….all due to my sister tearing the truck up and my family being too poor to paint it after getting parts), followed by a 79 Subaru Coop (LOVED LOVED LOVED this little orange car), followed by an 80-something Honda Accord (gold, with an amp….which I would use to play Will Smith very loudly, lol), followed by a 90-something Subaru Legacy Wagon (loved this car too), etc etc etc.  These are vehicles I had in high school and/or college.  Why so many, you ask?  Well…most of them were junk.  We couldn’t afford a nice car, so we’d get what we could afford.  When it would completely fall apart (or be wrecked by yours truly), we’d junk it and find the next thing we could afford.  It was a terrible cycle, and I was always driving around wondering if my car would make it from point A to point B.  It was stessful…always having to stop to put water or oil in the cars so they didn’t overheat…having to pop the clutch to get something going in the first place…..having to call dad to bring the trailer and load up another one that bit the dust..etc etc.


As soon as I graduated with my BA and got a job (2003), I bought a brand-new car- a 2004 Subaru Outback Sportswagon.  I was in heaven!  Not because it was new, but because I could trust the car to get me to where I needed to be!  Chris now drives this Subaru, and it’s still running like a champ.


A couple of years ago I bought my next new car (this one was new to me, but slightly used- 30k miles on it)- the 2008 Toyota 4Runner that I currently drive.  I wanted something with leather seats (makes it easier to clean off the dog hair from our two huskies), a sunroof and 4-wheel drive.  It is, by far, the nicest car I have ever had.  Or it was until my wreck a few weeks ago!  I’m sure hoping the collision center puts it back together again, good as new.  I love that car.


My dream car?  I don’t really have one.  I guess it would be something like what I have now, but a little bigger (for when we have 2+ kids)?  I’m really not picky.  =)

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2 thoughts on “June 2- vehicle

  1. Lisa

    Oh the memories of ALL those cars…and keeping fingers crossed that we’d reach point B! Tough call for me on whether the crown vic or orange subaru was my favorite!

  2. LOL- it was stressful! Can you imagine sending your kids off in a car that not only could break down, but most likely would? Ha!

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