June 3- Biggest Indulgence

June 3 Writing Prompt: Biggest Indulgence

This one is easy for me- vacations.  Growing up, my family NEVER went on vacation.  When I say never, I mean that I literally never went on a single vacation with my family.  When I got to college, I started planning little trips with my friends.  Sometimes it was just an overnight road trip to see a concert or two, and sometimes it was a week-long beach trip.  Either way, I was hooked.  To this day, I generally have two big vacations planned for each year, with several little 3-4 day trips planned in between.  I work hard, so I do not feel guilty playing hard as well.  =)

I actually have a lot planned for the next few months….guess it’s good since I won’t be able to travel after a certain point in my pregnancy (I’ll be talking to the doc about this next week) and then it’ll be harder to travel once we do have a kiddo.  Here’s the rundown of the next several weeks:

  • Currently in TX for work, but have guests coming to visit and stay this weekend
  • Traveling to Central AR the following weekend to visit in-laws
  • Going to KC for two nights (one night of concerts) the next weekend
  • Going to CO the following week/weekend for a little vaca (and four nights of concerts at Red Rocks)
  • 4th of July weekend- plans being discussed, but possibly going to a friend’s festival- Highberry
  • Third weekend in July- back to KC for a girls trip and concert
  • Last week of July/First week of August- trip to New Zealand and Vanuatu
  • 2nd weekend in August- Girls trip to Miami to see Timberlake and JZ

See, lots of plans.  It’s almost overwhelming now that I’m pregnant, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.  I am not going to book anything after the Miami trip….

As an aside, Happy Anniversary to me and my DH Chris!  7 years….



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One thought on “June 3- Biggest Indulgence

  1. Sara

    NZ is going to be AMAZING!

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