June 4- Favorite Snack

June 4 Writing Prompt: Favorite Snack?

LOL, what a question to ask a pregnant lady!  Ha!  Not because I’m hungry all the time (because I’m really not), but because food is really weird to me right now…and not a lot sounds good.  I haven’t been sick or nauseous, but I do find that I can’t think of anything that I want to eat.  When I do think of something, I REALLY want it.  A few of my favorite snacks of the past couple of weeks?  Cut up watermelon and cantaloupe, cashews and peanut butter.  I would add grapes to that list, but each time I have had them in the past 3 weeks I have gotten heartburn.  =(

Before the pregnancy, I’d say my favorite snack was probably chips or Triscuits.  But let’s be real…..I love food and I’m not picky.

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One thought on “June 4- Favorite Snack

  1. so healthy you go girl!

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