June 5- Pets

June 5 Writing Prompt: Do you have any pets?

Growing up, we always had outside pets…dogs, specifically.  Sadly, most of our dogs were ran over (we lived in a trailer that was right off the highway in KS).  At a young age, I learned to stop getting attached to the dogs my parents would bring home…it wasn’t worth it.  I always wanted an inside dog, but that was never allowed.  When Chris and I were dating, we talked about getting a dog multiple times…but the rent houses we lived in never allowed inside pets, and there was no way I was getting a dog and going to make it be outside all the time.  NO.WAY.

So….we got married in June of 2006…bought our house in October of 2006….and brought Suka home in December of 2006.  Who is Suka?  She’s our 6.5 year old Husky.  She’s black and white, with eyeliner markings vs a full mask.  She has beautiful blue eyes and is honestly the sweetest dog around.  She looooooovvvvvveeeesssss giving ‘kisses,’ and will lay with you forever if you’ll rub her belly.

A year after we got Suka, we bought Barley so that she would have a companion.  He’s our 5.5 year old Husky.  Barley is red and white, with blue eyes.  His coat is much thicker than Suka’s, and he has a traditional mask on his face.  He’s not an attention whore like Suka is, but once he loves you, he really shows it.  He’s a momma’s boy mostly, and he is very vocal…..he ‘talks’ to us pretty much every day.  He is the fastest of the two, and he loves to be chased. He’s my baby.

These two are spoiled rotten, but they are good dogs.  They are crate trained, but we only crate them when we are gone.  They ring a bell to go outside, and they can do your typical tricks….like sit, lay down, shake, etc.  If they are really feeling like working with you, they will even call the hogs!  I love my doggies….

Barley on bed



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One thought on “June 5- Pets

  1. Sara

    LOL! We tried working with Gruber on calling the hogs but weren’t consistent enough. Beautiful, spoiled pups!

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