June 6- Names

June 6 Writing Prompt– Name you picked out for your kids when you were younger, and any names you currently have planned

When I was younger, I had several names picked out that I thought were very unique and I just loved: Isabella, Charlotte, Addison, Livia and Amelia (note these are all girl names….just being honest in what I had planned out, lol).  Obviously, some of these have grown in popularity over the past several years….and are thus being taken off of my list.  Some remain on my current list.

My current list is much longer.  I won’t be listing all of my names, but several include: Anderson (my maiden name), Sloan (first babysitter’s last name), Gweneth, Livia, Amelia, Fiona, Ophelia, Freeman, James (it’s my gpas first name) and Ellis (hubby’s middle name, although I prefer it for a girl).

I for sure have my first daughter’s name picked out (not on the above), but boys names are so much harder for me!


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One thought on “June 6- Names

  1. Sara

    can’t wait to find out what Bebe Hott is!

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