June 10th- DTD during the fertile period

June 10th writing prompt- How do you get yourself (and your SO) in the mood to DTD during the fertile period? 

OK…SO is significant other and DTD is ‘do the deed,’ as in having sex.  As I’ve explained in many previous posts, there is a VERY small window of time during which it’s possible to get pregnant.  Most women get this window each month…and many others (such as myself), only get this window naturally every 3-4 months.  When this window DOES open up, trust me…it’s go time!  When we first started trying to get pregnant, this window of opportunity was fun and exciting….but after failures month after month…and year after year….it became more of a stressful situation than a fun and exciting one.  There is too much pressure…and too much planning….and too much emotion…and hell, too much money riding on each fertile period!  That’s a lot of stress for 1-2 days, trust me.  To be completely honest, I didn’t do anything to try to get myself or my hubs in the mood after the first year……it was just time and it had to happen no mater what.  Fun, eh?  LOL

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