June 11th- Wedding

June 11th writing prompt- describe your wedding.

We got married in Chris’s hometown in 2006.  His family had ALL gotten married at the same church (his parents…both sisters), and since I didn’t really have a home church that I loved in my hometown it made sense to get married in his.  Chris and I didn’t really care about getting married in a church, but it was very important to both of our parents…so we did.  It was a pretty simple wedding as far as decorations go (some bows on the ends of the pews….flowers…candles), and we had a really good turnout….I’d say around 150?  I’m a really bad judge of crowds, though, so it could have been closer to 200, lol.

We had two ring bearers (nephews)…two flower girls (nieces)….a Jr Bridesmaid (niece)…a candle-lighter (nephew)….4 ‘regular’ bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen. I liked having so many people involved and standing up there with us on our day!

The ceremony was short and sweet- about 15 minutes in total.  I thought I’d hold it together….but the minute my dad started walking me down the aisle I knew I was in trouble.  I cried and could hardly speak through my vows, but I got them out.  =)  Afterwards we had a short and informal reception (mainly to give hugs and see everyone) that had some appetizers and cake and what-not, and that was it.  There was an after-party back in NW AR that evening, to celebrate how we like to celebrate- with alcohol.  =)  It was a good day.

Looking back, Chris and I have both said that we’d totally elope or do a destination wedding instead, with a huge party/reception back home afterwards.  While we loved our wedding day, there was a lot of needless stress and a lot of money that went into it.

I wish I had some pictures on my work computer, but I don’t!  All I have is this photo, which is right after the wedding reception (not in my wedding dress anymore) when we got into the car to leave…

Chris and Jen Reception in van pic cropped


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One thought on “June 11th- Wedding

  1. Sara

    Love this picture 🙂 Love the idea of eloping….

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