June 17th- Coffee

June 17th writing prompt- do you drink coffee?  Cream/Sugar/How do you drink it?

I do not drink coffee.  Ever.  I hate the taste of all things coffee, including coffee ice cream, candy, chocolate, etc.  I don’t care how you doctor it or what you disguise it as…..if it has even a hint of a taste of actual ‘coffee’ in it, then I’ll spit it out.  Yuck.  I feel the same way about Tea.  Maybe it’s a brew thing?  Hmmm…

I do like caffeine, though.  =)  Until I got pregnant, I would have a Diet Coke every morning around 10am…and I looked forward to it.  I was really scared that I’d have terrible caffeine headaches when I gave it up, but I was lucky and haven’t had issues.



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